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Artist: Snoop Dogg f/ Tha Dogg Pound, Soopafly 
Album:  That's My Work Vol.1
Song:   That's My Work
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[Verse 1: Soopafly]
See that fly skirt? That's my work
Lil' bad bitch, met her at the concert
With a crew of bitches, doin' their dance twerkin'
They bodies around, drop, make that ass work then
I moved in, like a cobra
Nigga shut it down, party over
You can ride this dick, I'm a chauffeur
I swing big bat, Sammy Sosa
You a hood rat, but I'm digging you
Fuck what you nigga do, only take a minute to
Suck on this motherfucker like you on a interview
Swag up, fresh from the top to the tennis shoes
Yea, look at my hoes
Pork chops and a bunch of Del Tacos
See my dick? That's the real drug
Beat the brakes off a bitch, Billy Club

I got a bad bitch (That's My Work)
Holdin' up traffic (That's My Work)
Catch her in the alley way (That's My Work)
Do whatever daddy say (That's My Work)
Bitch (That's My Work)
Work, work (That's My Work)
Work, work (That's My Work)
Work, work (That's My Work)

[Verse 2: Kurupt]
Pick your ass up and drop it back down
Turn around, hear me now
You pick her up, hit her off
She bring it back, to a real boss
My bitch, my ho, my bossette
Young white bitch, Farah Fawcett
Swag trippin' on her like a faucet
Just got off the pole, 'bout to give me what a boss get
Everything you give her on the flow, flow
With the same important gang, cold like the North Pole
Got a girl out of Jamaica, the paper moneymaker
Break you for everything that you got up in the bedroom
I got a bitch that you like, jeans fit right
I turnt her over night, she's an overnight dyke
She's an overnight sensation, asian persuasion
Put my dick up in her mouth, language changed into Haitian

That girl that you like (That's My Work)
I turnt her over night (That's My Work)
The one you think of (That's My Work)
Her friend fuck with G Dub (That's My Work)
That's my bitch (That's my work)
That's my bitch (That's my work)
That's my bitch (That's my work)

[Verse 3: Snoop Dogg]
On the real cuz flip this, trip this
Nigga try to introduce me to my bitch
On the turf, I ain't drip saw the full dirt
Casanova, LaVert, revert
Back with another hit, better get another bitch
She's so playful, that bitch ain't faithful
Cus' I can name five different times
When the bitch went for hers, so I'm gonna get mine
I got four 'lacs, 5 Chevrolets, what it do
Even got a bulletproof, I'm tied in with the upper echelon
When you with me bitch, you get what you want
And you can bring a friend too, comment allez-vous
Little French dip for a bitch like you
Sucker punch, I don't think so
Well what do you know? When I pulled up, a little yellow bitch stood up
I threw the hood up
You know why?

That little bitch you like (That's My Work)
You know, that little shit you like (That's My Work)
Oh yea, you know I get you right (That's My Work)
Late night, I come and hit you right (That's My Work)
Bitch (That's My Work)
Work, work (That's My Work)
Work, work (That's My Work)
Work, work (That's My Work)

[Verse 4: Daz Dillinger]
That's my work!
Oh yea she naughty naughty, she a fuck good
She wanna party party hands in the air
And yea she don't stop, that’s my work
24/7 she don't stop
Hold your head back, well come on and take a shot
Cus' I'm here down until the last drop
Because you know that I know that I got work
She a bad bitch from her smirk to her skirt
In a bra T-shirt, she a born workaholic
It's so many bitches that a nigga can call it
From my iPhone to a Android
Hey yo that's my bitch
Oh yea, she employed?
She got ass, ????
Dance, dance, dance
Yeah do it, really work though
She a ho tho' really tho'
Y'all be doing like this fo show tho'

The bitch that you bought a drink (That's My Work)
The bitch you took to the bank (That's My Work)
The bitch that you said you love (That's My Work)
Be the only one she thinkin of (That's My Work)
Motherfucker (That's My Work)
Stupid ass bitch (That's My Work)
Stupid ass chick (That's My Work)
That's what it is (That's My Work