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Artist: Snoop Dogg
Album:  That's My Work Vol. 3
Song:   Terradectacal
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[Verse 1: Snoop Dogg]
Lose flash at eleven, eighty six box from the one they seven
New in Denver they beat the bust for ever
One call and make all your relatives forever
Plus your clowns sound funny, it's the deep out honey
Smash with a crash makwe you dash sound funny
So how the motherfucke you gonna pick your lips
To disrespect truth when I run with crips
And that move I know so un cut with it
If you ain't from the lane you never really did it
Pull it, five might make you call
And he burn your sould like stop dropping roll
And I've be there, I've done that, play it loud
Fall back motherfuckers get it off my could
Poof cush what a cuff that's the truth
When you smelling all the wide
Make it sure you crufed
Smach down we play no crack now
Off the blunt, sort of like crack down
Anywhere I please to fill, hop back into the way never see to drift
Capital weex stay screaming and use the mess
I scream no doubt, I spell the rest out
Into the O-O p that's way
Johnny low on my bumper like see your side

[Chorus: Snoop Dogg]
If you came here to bunty let me know it
But that don't mean this time just start to show it baby

[Verse 2: Snoop Dogg]
Suddly you use the purpose, still will shut this down
Better move fast and catch it the nerve there
All guessed up from the kimped team blast
Black white fast, then leave you in the trash
Brain lay like truck please believ where you bump
West side it's the truck all we do is jump
At they point where you from don't matter
And all that gatters, gatters are gun doubetr
I sold you no limite boy grow on stable
Walk down but now remove now he rush the lable
You run your mouth that means you ain't able
Slaim diamonds then brak you brake your whole table
So ugly means muggy
But that 22 shoos on a brand new buggy
And that costy but money get main
Long be, sit with like leats to make it fame
So patch it if you want it, I suggest you post on it
Cuz when it's tured up fall back don't do me
We make it back ok drop it like it's hot
And bangel dummy, just cuz I might stop it if you not
Blue blazes, new faces, aliens from other space
Get bean from the laces
Terradectacal move doww, get you done
So again I'mma show you how to wrestle with one

[Chorus: Snoop Dogg]
If you came here to bunty let me know it
But that don't mean this time just start to show it baby

[Verse 3: Snoop Dogg]
Hold on from scatter, that's be AC
Pull my stuned, shape on, better I see they stress
Cacth me back at AP-s zipping OI , so OG holly moly
Uncut that's how we ment it
Simply rollie in the text and send it
Check your imbox just now it's been block
Unorder wax tell her that gonna rocks
Let's move down like we're the fool
Let's patch the fool and chase the moon
All over the floor like round over lower
When he walk over here, simply meens it's over
Ooh just so you know put a sing on your door cuz he close the store
Plus he stay on, I'm like there he go
Ut I known it matter
Still here for ever, that mean you still splat
She refuse me he might explode
Then all over the roof cuz still we get to
We both fliping to flow smooth
Damn ball skippin to cost room
Not much to say after cuz when you go then not coming back