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Artist: Snoop Dogg
Album:  VA - From the Death Row Vaults (Re-Lit)
Song:   Poor Young Dave
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[Verse 1: Snoop Dogg]
There once was a kid by the name of Dave
Who stayed in the mix and never ever obeyed
He paid no attention at the shit that we talked to him
Always stay strapped for the shit that was brought to him
This nigga was a motherfuckin' fool
Only 13, fuckin' bitches in high school
Laid back, his game was trunk tight
He was chillin' in the day time, cluckin' at night
Makes me wanna holla cause the dollar he got
As he grows in his game, going step by step
To the status of an Al Capone, Mr. Big 6 in the game of bones
But you know what they say. What goes up must come down
So just peep what I speak as you boogie to the sound

[Hook 1: Snoop Dogg]
I met a little nigga by the name of Dave
Who was known in the hood cuz he misbehaved
But when the cabbie got plucked it was time to get paid
Sack his shit out in dumps, now he's on his way

[Verse 2: Snoop Dogg]
Mischevious and devious, that's how his life was
When they swerve down a cabbie just to keep the pluck alive
So of the make a motherfucker from the other side
Was thinking ‘bout a jag move tryna move by
It is yellest cuz my nigga got the dope game sod up
You niggas tryna trip, bitta bitta back, they got blown up
Blown up a lot, you could still get shot
You will never play a motherfucker out on his nut
Rule number 1, pay attention to this shit
Though we fuckin' with them little niggas, they ain't to be fucked with
Chuck getting it on to the break of dawn
Now he's known but sudden more than I own
He's got a 187 on his motherfuckin' chest
A strap in his lap and a bulletproof vest
Lookin' for the niggas from the night befo'
So we can clash they ass but he don't know they had his back though

[Hook 2: Snoop Dogg]
He ain't gone in mission, it's just that trip
But one of his homies is a motherfuckin' snitch
Some nigga named Mick from around the way
They said we'll give you 20 G's if you show us where he stay

[Verse 3: Snoop Dogg]
A dude named Dave caught up in the drive by
Tears from his mother, watchin' her son die
That trip, somebody slippin', bullet, zippin'
Dave gone for good, now his mom's flippin'
No need for playing on dying David dear
Point blank, he took a 9 slug to the head
David, the wannabe gangsta from the hood
He wasn't that bad and he wasn't that good
All he understood was did crazy lists
So he bought some of that to get some of this
This got him back but that went to them
Them being they who made his head lay
He didn't know Ray, he said he made this cash
Crash from the gun, their lives in ash
Smash, he hitched the frontpage quick
Not fair cuz this conducted by that fool named Mick
Mick, double the trick and he'll be dyin' and his moms will be cryin'