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Artist: Snoop Dogg
Album:  Oz soundtrack
Song:   Land of Oz
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Oooh!  Aoww!  Well alright ch'all
Snoopy, tell 'em where they at
(In the Land of Oz..)

[Snoop Dogg]
In the land of the get killed quick
Some niggaz turn bitch
Dig this, new fish, old twist
The way they turned a young nigga out, had him suckin dick (damn!)
He gangbang and slang 'caine on the streets
with a gang of bad bitches by his feet
But now, that he's, locked away
he can't get no love on visiting today
Holla holla, pop yo' collar
Shit a nigga just tryin to get a wet forty dollars
to get a cup of soup and some woop woop
Much love O.G. Big Snoop
I sent a nigga a package, on Monday
I got a G comin at'cha on Sunday
One way, to do it, and that's the G way
I'm hittin switches for ya homey on the freeway

[Chorus One]
I know you caught a hot one (hot one)
Now I'm blastin with my shotgun
I know that stress seems kind of scary..
Put a dub on my commisary, up on my commisary

[Snoop Dogg - as inmate]
Nigga quit trippin; why you flossin hittin switches?
You need to send some flicks of some bitches (aoww)
They got a nigga workin in the kitchen
Sendin young writers on a mission
I'm in and out the hole, way out of control
But shit homey, you know real dubs gon' roll
You know Gusto?  That's how he got on parole
but when we catch him, you know we get the stole on
I got that package, but I'ma need a little mo'
Check on my momma, my kids and my little hoe
Don't even sweat it, better yet forget it
Cause I know fo' sho' somebody gon' get it

[Chorus Two]
I know you locked up in the cage room
(I know my nigga, god damn mayne)
And you ain't comin home, any time soon
(Still I'ma keep it real and write you, y'knahmsayin)
All my life been runnin from the fuzz.. (cops)
Fresh meat!  (Nigga) Welcome to the Land of Oz..

(In the Land of Oz..)

[Snoop Dogg]
Couldn't imagine what you go through e'rynight
You gotta squab with the brown black and the white
Turn off the lights and a nigga might get stuck
It's fucked up, at least one of us lucked up
I keep it crooked seven days a week
You wanna get married?  I got a little freak
that'll do what I tell her to do, it's on the house homey
I owe you one, I'll throw you two
I know life is hard in Oz
I try to ease your pain with money cars and broads
What would you do if you was me and I was you?
My real motherfuckers know what they gon' do
Keep it true, so that's what I'ma do
Snoopy D-O-double, or just Big Snoop
Doin my thang for y'all, slangin doggs
Brangin broads - who else gon' bang for y'all?

[Chorus One]

.. welcome to the Land of Oz.. {*repeat to fade*}