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Artist: Snoop Dogg f/ The Bee Gees
Album:  R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece
Song:   Ups & Downs
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Every dog has it's day

Another dirty 9 inch dick classic, yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah...
Girrrrl... As I sit here sit here thinkin' to myself
There is no one for you but me and I mean that
And I've think about all the things we been through
Like all gettin' fightin' for example
You know the love we have for each other
It tends to out weight what we would do to one another
You know my grand daddy used to always say
You know he used to say it like this..

There will be ups and downs, smiles and frowns
Share with me fairy tales or make-believe

[Verse 1: Snoop]
What up motherfuckers, this is Snoop Dogg
I'm tryin' to figure out how the fuck I'ma do y'all
Hangin' with my homie from the turf, that's young q-ball
Givin' me the words on the street heres to scoop y'all
The niggaz from the East Sidaz are split up (split up)
And one of 'em try to fuck your shit up (what?)
Nah cuz, don't believe that - that's my nigga for life
I'm out with the bullshit, I mean with the real shit
I'm at the church doing work, spittin' game for the pulpit
And that's the bidness and God is my witness
LBC, 213, hell yeah we in this - It's so relentless
And all my dogs up against the life sentence
I love y'all like I love no bitch and that's real shit
On some Crip shit - homie dig this

[Hook 2X]

[Verse 2: Snoop]
I used to have a lot broads that I don't fool with
I used to have a lot homeboys I ain't cool with
A lot of people that nigga went to school with
Happy as hell to see the big dog doin' it
But would none of them believe it though (What?)
That I would be bigger than Curtis Blow
I guess he was right these are the breaks
Despite my mistakes and aches I'm getting cake
To realize your fate through fate
Cause we all gonna get that day (For what?)
To see if our lives was straight
And see if we would be able to walk through the pearly gates (Yeah?)
To see the man upstairs on some real talk homie
I'm tired of bein' stuck here
If I could I would fly to moon (zoom)
Y'all probably think I'm trippin' off these mushrooms
I know

[Hook 4X]

Now, as I think back to the words my grand daddy used to say
I've never seen him in church, but he always had the word
He always would tell me; "sometimes you gotta take the good with the bad"
"You gotta to do bad in other to do good"