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Artist: Snoop Dogg f/ R. Kelly
Album:  Malace N Wonderland
Song:   Pimpin' Ain't Easy
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[R. Kelly]
Uugh, yeah
Snoop, Kells, once again
And this is for the non-believers
That seem to think that pimping is easy
Aiyyo Uncle Snoop
Let's go get these knuckleheads

[Chorus: R. Kelly]
Pop bottles (pop bottles)
Shake hands (shake hands)
Recognise (recognise) I'm the man
I try to tell 'em but they won't understand that pimping ain't easy
I got money (got money)
I got cars (got cars)
Still fucking with them hood superstars (superstars)
Spend a hundred grand over by the bar like pimping ain't easy

[Snoop Dogg]
Well it ain't
All them faces in that laker paint
Casa by the lake
Make a little nigga faint
Balling is what I does
I ain't messing with you can'ts
I'm a can do negro
A real life California hero
About six zeros at the end of the number in my bank account
Nigga ain't ya mad at me
I'm so happy to see that you stopped your life to watch mine
Yeah you see it fool
Snoop's everywhere, Italy I'm heavy there
Did a show in Rome like hoe say you ain't never there
Talking 'bout you popping bottles
I don't see none
You made it rain where?
I don't see a wand
Go on get it off
That's what they like to hear
It's your money pimp
We don't fight it here
It's hard enough to be me
Not trying to be you is someting I got to see
Until then I'mma


[Snoop Dogg]
This ain't a joke a loc made it look easy to you
I been through some shit
I made it easy for ya
Now you ain't got to do much, I pop at everybody
Go unwrap a bottle, share it with them busybodies
Tell 'em what she want to hear
How you would like to take her out of town and shopping here
And Snoopy is your homie
Nah nah girl he out of here
Yeah he just act like he don't know me when he all up in here
You a fool Jack
Though I don't condone faking for a bitch
Don't call it pimping when you're bringing home the bacon to this bitch
Go ahead and talk money
Talk, look at the chicks it brought
But know the deal you better flip her like a somersault
Snoopy never played the role for which he wasn't built for
Never called somebody friend that I wouldn't kill for
I do this balling cause I can not cause it's cool
I pop cause I'm the man
Now watch me and Kells


[R. Kelly]
I got pimping in my veins
Pimping in my blood
Pimping in my swag
Pimping in my cup
Walking like a pimp when I walking through the club
Pause like a pimp so the hoes show me love
Pimp by day, pimp by night
Pimp haters make me keep my pimp game tight
See y'all type of fools make a nigga want thug
Like shots of patron make a nigga want fuck
But I ain't on that shit so I'mma throw my hands up
And keep it sexy pimping cause thats how I does
Uncle Snoop say Kells go hard or go home
Yo hating motherfuckers, I'm still here


[R. Kelly]
To all my honeys in the club getting money with the thugs
Keep it pimping baby
Keep it pimping baby
Southside, westside, eastside, northside
Keep it pimping baby
Keep it pimping