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Artist: Snoop Dogg f/ Bootsy Collins, Goldie Loc
Album:  Doggumentary
Song:   We Rest N Cali
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: Bootsy Collins] + (Snoop)
Ahh, the original beat killer! (West coast)
Thriller from Manila (Yeah home of the zig zag)
Steppin on each other like a big hoe dealer (and the C-flag)
Hoe dealer (beotch) let's take 'em back then
Hoe dealer, yeah, Snoop take 'em back

[Snoop Dogg]
My goodness, my gracious
Shell toe Adidas with the fat blue laces, hand full of aces
Trumped up, dump trunk, white wall cases
Drink 'til you drop, motherfuck a cop
Olde English, 800, on the block
Way before St. Ide's came to the spot
Niggaz used to hang out, and do the pop lock
And if we got into some shit, we'd never pop shots
We'd squab, scrap, whatever it was
And live to talk about it and we get old cause
and keep a pack of zig zags for that good old bud
We'd do a house party, what the fuck is a club?
And the eses; they sold most of the drugs
La familia, hell yeah and we the club
We gettin money, yeah and we do low ride
Represent it, and talk nope, no not I
That's the code, in every hood that you roam
Fastest way, to catch a hot slug in your dome
O.G., the place that I call home
Black 'llac like that and it's sittin on chrome
Plaque in back, strap in 'llac
Antennas way up for a rat tryin to set a new trap
Swingin the track, drippin curl juice on your back
Breaking hearts like Roger and Zapp, motherfucker

[Chorus: Bootsy Collins]
Back in the day it was cheaper to keep her
Hang out with your friends and smokin the reefer
Pound for pound we were the baddest in town
You just had to get up for the get down
Some say we the next generation
But we lack education

[Goldie Loc]
Crazy Horse drinkin Mad Dog 20/20
Silver satin blue Kool-Ai,d saggin in my Dickies
I got my locs on, sailin through my neighborhood
Catch you slippin on them bricks it ain't all good
Front do' kicker, Glock spitter
Black and gold flag across my face when I get you
Three wheeler tippin, turnin up the Alpine
Cerwin-Vegas subbin while I listen to the grapevine
Gotti blue pits, all by the front do'
East side ripridin, gangbangin all I know
Heartbreak Hotel, hush puppy neck kicker
I grew up on that crazy one-five nigga
Every loc from my block done hopped somethin
And I ain't talkin 'bout no peel, nigga block huntin
Blue corduroys while I'm talkin on my brick phone
Fourteen years old, had to bring the shit home
My uncle Sugar Bear showed me how to bag it up
Look at the block now nigga; it's sewed up
I ain't playin wit'chu old grand pubas
South Rolando bang thangs with no cuts
Now take a picture of this 8-ball sipper
Look down at my shoes, blue staings nigga
Goldie Loc will keep this motherfucker crack-a-lackin
The only thing I wanna hear is gangbang rappin

[Bootsy Collins]
Some say we the next generation, but we lack education
Hangin with the crew of devastation
Yeah but we one nation momma
Tally-ho and away we go
See you next week with a brand new show
The way we talk around here ain't nothin consensual
You know I funk so hard you gonna need your parent's credentials
Now I'm in the streets cause I lost my sheep
But now I know where to find that
Now how cool is cold when you're tryin to compete
Standin next to me son you better take a seat
Can't none of you cutthroats funk like me
You better check with Snoop Dogg and get your pedigree
Why oh why do I think like that?
If I am with the Dogg, you must be a cat
Now tally-ho and away we go
See you next week with a brand new show
I want the bomb I want that O.G. back
I want the bomb, I want that O.G. back
There's a party goin on in my head
While I think about the blood that we shed
Then party! Up where the players play
Ah get up on the jam
There's a party goin on up in here


[Outro: Bootsy Collins]
Hangin with the crew of devastation
Yeah but we one nation momma
Hangin with the Snoopatronics bobba