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Artist: Snoop Dogg
Album:  Doggumentary
Song:   The Way Life Used to Be
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: Snoop Dogg]
Aiyyo Battlecat! (What's that?)
It's your dawg, Big Snoopy D-O-double-G
Ay cuz, I was thinkin (what's that?)
We need to take it back, to the way it used to be
You feel me? (Well c'mon~!)
Yeah, uhh (what?) C'mon
Yeah, drift with me
Drift with me c'mon, drift with me y'all
{"Reflections of, the way life used to be"}
Ye-yeah, uhh
{"And it's alright..."}

[Snoop Dogg]
Take it back to the afros, and the naturals
Cape cutter picks we slips into the back rows
O.G. my nigga, for real doe
Straight up off the Eastside, top of the hill yo
I'm lookin at the overview
Thinkin 'bout eighty-six, damn I was overdue
Walkin in the hood, makin mixtapes tryin to walk up out the hood
While I'm chuckin at the hood, nigga talk about the hood
that I came from it raised me, that's real Crip crazy
Wadoo, oops-a-daisy!
Demon or a heathen, schemin while I'm dreamin
Screamin to get even, seein is believin
And don't you forget that
Get it to you get back, hit that, kick back
Three flies one-a-way
Reminisce about the thangs that my grandmomma use to say
Stay in your own lane, stay on your own
and quit tryin to be grown
Day turned to night, and play turned to fight
{"It's alright"} Yeah, I guess my granny was right

[Chorus: Snoop] + {samples}
{"Reflections of, the way life used to be"}
Drift with me... {"It's alright"} drift with me

[Snoop Dogg]
I like them girls from Ladera Heights, or the girls on Hills
I take a trip up to World On Wheels
and get in a fight, make it back to my ride
Pop shots at some suckers disrespectin the 'side
My big homey, my cuzzo, schoolyard bozo
Slid me away, just to get me away
I'm just a Long Beach nigga outside of my hood
I'm bangin, ridin, but doin it good
And when I get locked down there ain't hidin and wonderin
As soon as I hit the County, I'm up in 4800
With the dealers, the killers, the realest, the beasts
The best from the West and the beast from the East
Yeah, I'm actin a fool
I'm gettin my degree, from gladiator school
I chose this life cause I knows this life
Sell a little crack and my flows is tight
I'm clear on my choice and what's cold is
I can still hear my grandma's voice
She say day turned to night and play turned to fight
{"It's alright"} Yeah, I guess my granny was right

[Chorus: Snoop] + {samples}
{"Reflections of, the way life used to be"}
Reminisce with me... {"It's alright"}

[Snoop Dogg]
If you get caught then you don't walk cause you don't talk
And these was the rules, squeeze on these fools
I came up in a different era homey
Where the G's is the G's and the little wannabe's really want it
Wanna be like, cause the C-life
make you wanna G like, now who you wanna be like?
(Snoop~!) That fool on the TV screen
Or the homey on the corner gettin major cream?
In the Cadillac, beatin like Battlecat
A nigga with money, don't know how to act
Smoke 'til your eyes get cataracts
All money nonsense, yeah none of that, quarter sack, run it back
Quarterback, rock him up, bag him up, front him that
If the trick, jump the track, do you want your money back?
Lil' bitch was a bunny rat; watch for the funny act
Cause it's gon' come... and my granny said it's no fun
She say day turned to night, and play turned to fight
{"It's alright"} Yeah, I guess my granny was right

[Outro: samples]
{"Reflections of, the way life used to be"}
{"It's alright"}