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Artist: Snoop Dogg f/ R. Kelly
Album:  Doggumentary
Song:   Platinum
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[Intro: R. Kelly]
Uhh, 'bout to make the night shine
Uhh, Snoop, Kells
Platinum through the doors! {*echoes*}

[R. Kelly]
V-12 rollin, nigga go platinum {*4X*}

Swag like a lighter, and I keep my swag lit
Man I'm on fire, y'all can't tell a nigga shit
V-12 rollin, got some honeys up in it
Say your pussy golden, but I only fuck with platinum chicks
Only talk platinum shit, only swallow platinum spit
Speak my own slang-uage, still I am the real-iest
Surrounded by CÓroc, but your boy sippin Hennessy
Loves is a hospital, and I was born in V.I.P.
Sick and there's no cure, bad case of V.I.P.
Still in the game killin, you can call us M.V.P.
Whole fuckin club jump, in your cars and follow me
This dude from the Chi, and the D-O-double G, we

[Chorus: R. Kelly]
(Platinum!) Platinum stars (Platinum!) Platinum chicks
(Platinum!) Platinum clubs (Platinum!) Platinum rich
(Platinum!) Platinum shots (Platinum!) Platinum flights
(Platinum!) Platinum cribs (Platinum!) Platinum lights

[Snoop Dogg]
Let a motherfucker know from the get-go 
Came through the door slow with a fo'-fo' limpin, crimpin and pimpin
Mixin 'em all, fixin to ball, driftin, listen dawg
My rap is that, my Cadillac, is drippin wet
You can bet, turn it up, roll it up, burn it up
Give it back to me, let me show you how to move that, groove that
We that, who dat?
All in, fall in, ball in, yellin "Dogg he do that, true dat!"
Record sales, wholesales, detail, retail
You fail, we sell, ding-dong ditch and I'ma ring yo' bell
Back in the club with my nephew Kells
25 girls in the Dogg cartel
And they do what the Dogg say, crib to the walkway
Pimpin on them all day, can't you tell?
I'm likin it, lovin it, cubbin it, govern it
Drinks up, blunts lit, platinum, boss shit
Nigga you know how we do this


[Snoop Dogg]
Take it back to the back of the car
Mack-mack like mackin 'em hard, like that quote backin 'em hard
Rich nigga with a platinum card in a platinum car with mink on the seat
Vogues on the feet, hoes on the street
Cause they all wanna make that trip to the promised land
Lil' mama can, give it to me, like I'm the man
Give it to me, like I told you
Grab you, flip you, hold you, break you down
Stop the press, drop your dress, cause I'm gon' take you down
What you think? I got drink and you won't drink right now?
Two shots, and now you ready for that ta-tadow
And I'm gon' give you that, I know that you diggin that
Platinum smile on your face, yeah they know I'm diggin that
And I'm likin it, lovin it, cubbin it, govern it
Drunks up, blunts lit, platinum, boss shit
You know how we do this


[R. Kelly]
Look at us mob, we at the bar, we goin crazy, WHOA
Earth is our turf, we on them jets, leavin them haters, WHOA
Snoop poppin bottles, I got models, 'bout to mix it, WHOA
I see your man, he causin problems 'bout to fix it, WHOA
You cats is sloppy, call me the clean-up man
Pimpin's my hobby, first love mic in hand
I got a platinum car, I got a platinum chain
I got a platinum chick, and she give me platinum brain
I ain't gon' bullshit you ladies, it's the real thang
While they goin gold, we done went platinum mayne