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Artist: Snoop Dogg f/ Pilot
Album:  The Doggumentary
Song:   Gang Bang Rookie
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Snoop Dogg on Larry King Live]
I'm not down with the Republican Party or the Democratic Party
I represent the Gangsta Party
(Larry: The Gangster Party?) Yes sir!

[Snoop Dogg]
I ain't no gang bang rookie
Let that thang bang fully, I'm a boss out here on the West
Killa Coast is my home
Rich rollin on my throne with my blue bandana on my neck
Girl, come fuck with Snoop
Sign up on my team, there's a little room left
Girl, you heard all my songs
Steady long, steady wrong, don't get yo' ass left
Church on the move nigga
Now go and hit the turf with the news nigga
I got some advice, for you new niggaz
You wanna be in the league well tell 'em who sent ya

(Snoop) ... D-O-double-G
Hoes with double D's in line to juggle these
Twistin up the O.G.
About a whole P, until I OD
The one they all wanna come to see
Hoes lovin me, you niggaz wanna be
Even Bloods fuck with cuz
I hit the club, they all showin me love
They like - "Snoop Dogg"

[Snoop Dogg]
"Can I get yo' autograph?"
"Whassup with that D.P.G., Doggystyle and Aftermath?"
I just laugh while I'm twistin up another zag
Bad bitches kissin in the tub, takin bubble baths
I ain't no gang bang rookie
Police tryin to book me, I'm a modern day Tookie on the set
I got the whole party poppin
See you hater niggaz jockin all these ice cold diamonds on my chest
They see my whole team thuggin
Now they mean muggin, but that don't mean nuttin
Cause if it's a problem I pull the problem solver
Call it .38 revolver, put an end to all this drama
I'm, top dollar with the gold flea collar
Get them girls, get them dollars, get them zeroes, get them commas
Yeah - it's time to get this change, guess I'm like Obama
But I'ma stay the same on my motherfuckin momma, I'm


Two of the loc'est
Long Beach, Eastside, {?}
Skinny side lil' head honcho
Feel the young guap' game
And you already know what it is

I ain't no gang bang rookie
Y'all just tryin to overlook me, Long Beach, Eastside when I ride
Skinny side get real low
And I tell them I got violent acts, son I be shoppin on the set
Let me hop on any hoe
Let a bitch hit me up for some brain blow
If niggaz didn't know I'm 'bout cake though (get that guap')
D.P.G., young Pilot buckwheat
O.G. what a young a man
15 got hated like a grown man
Weed money, that's me, who I fuck with (y'all niggaz)
When I was young, my mom said I looked like
"Snoop..." and we ridin in a Coupe
And the top back, +Doggystyle+ bangin out muh'fuckin
"Snoop..." two-one, what it do?
I got an older chick, I'ma take to her my big homey
"Snoop..." and I'm thinkin crystal clear
Diamonds on my neck, shinin like a chandelier like
"Snoop..." even Bloods fuck with cuz
Damn I can't believe I'm in the club with Big "Snoop!"
Young Pilot...

[back to Larry King Live]
(Larry: Snoop, are you still basically a gangster?)
That's a figure of speech but y'know I like usin that word
(Larry: Is it G-A-N-G-S-T-E-R or G-A-N-G-S-T-A?)
Say it Larry, say it like you mean it
(Larry: GANGSTAH~!) Say it like you mean it Larry!
{*both laughing*} (Larry: Gangsta...)