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Artist: Snoop Dogg f/ Devin the Dude, Kobe
Album:  Doggumentary
Song:   I Don't Need No Bitch
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[Kobe] I don't need no bitch

[Snoop Dogg]
My momma told me never ever trust one, bust one and break 'em
Be about your paper nigga, take it
Every day's a hustle, got these haters at my neck
Suckas tryin to get a check
The Boss Dogg does it, hoes wanna call it what it wasn't
Tryin to kiss a nigga all in public
Bitch is you crazy? I preach pimpin, not pussy
Shit I heard it all befo', I ain't no motherfuckin rookie
I'm a Long Beach Rollin 20 playa 'bout his G's
I ain't trippin off these broads, you know these rats is after cheese
Messin with my focus, the loc is on his grind
Baby focus on this dick and keep your focus off my time
Stay in the lane that I made for you to chill
Until then it's been real
I gotta handle business, and you I know are in it
See trippin gets you nowhere, cause bitch I'm on that

[Chorus: Kobe]
I don't need no bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch all on me
Trippin and callin my phone, always lyin
I don't need no bitch, bitch, constantly checkin on me
Bitch don't even try it, I'm out here, grindin
That's why I don't need no bitch, bitch, bitch

[Devin the Dude]
We used to rock to the rhythm that didn't stop
Now you tellin me I need to be gettin out
and go find me a, bitch, cause it's over and through?
But why do I need a bitch when I got you?
I don't mean it like it sounds, but we used to be a team
Yo we used to have a dream, yo we used to put our things
together, now it's dividin
Hidin bottled up negative feelings inside
These (bitches) they come a dime a dozen
Fuck one, that one sucked my dick and findin nuttin
(Bitches) I don't need 'em
Don't buy 'em nothin to drink, I don't feed 'em
(Bitches) Never mind 'em
I stay in front, I used to chase behind 'em
Heheh (bitches)
No I don't wine and dine them


[Snoop Dogg]
Hell naw I don't need one (one)
And all that talkin and fussin bitch you can miss me
I put these size 12's down on a ten-speed
before I let a bitch get the best of me (I don't need no bitch)
The recipe for danger, phone checkin recipe for anger
I'm from a gang but I don't wanna bang ya
And I can tell how you tell all your friends about my Benz and my ends
Bitch, really I'm the perfect stranger
Which turns you to the perfect stalker
Body like Miss Parker, maybe a little darker
But I'ma have to pass on that ass, you was too much in the first place
Never understood when it was work day
And now she all up on your boy in the worst way
You need to +Detox+, bitch see Dr. Dre!
Cause crazy, ain't gon' get it, and trippin gets you nowhere
Cause bitch I'm on that, bitch I'm on that


I don't need no bitch
You need to quit talkin crazy (talkin crazy)
I don't need no bitch
You need to quit talkin crazy