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Artist: Snoop Dogg f/ Latoiya Williams
Album:  Doggumentary
Song:   Cold Game
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

I done seen a lot of niggaz come up in this game
But never did they make it look so good
From candy cars, to bright yellow bras
The gangster white walls and the wood
You see, there comes a time in a man's life
where you gotta CHOOSE the goods or the game
Aww but it so hard to turn your back on a place
where everybody knows yo' name

[Snoop Dogg]
It's a cold game, I ain't been one to
kump in and out of the Range
Maybe an old school synagogue, spinnin the vision from which I faint
You got to do it, you cain't,
Cali king rhymin, Eastside high, enjoyin life
Hair blowin in the wind
The state that I'm in is gangster bliss, this is what you call an assist
Passin 'em off quick, memories missed
I made a lot of friends, a whole lot of money
Been down a couple times, but it never stopped my rhyme
In fact I got better, clutchin on Berettas
Blowin that sticky, turn it to weather
Award shows, indo, free low Vogues
This is how a player roll; and I'll never be
questioned by some new young chump poppin that talk
Snoopy D.O., made the way for you to walk
Owe it to the Almighty, without you it couldn't be done
Your praised with the rise of the sun, you dig?
Hold close in my hands, from my throne
And I'll never be crucified within my own zone
Here for a very good reason to show love
But you gotta separate grown man from grown thug
From almost goin down for murder in ninety-three
to kids all over the city bowlin in Snoop's league
I changed a lot smarter, I got a daughter
Two sons, beautiful wife for starters
I did it all Jack, poppin these peas
Eatin'international cuisine overseas, yeah~!
Don't judge me, you only knew Snoopy
You never tried to know Calvin, you tried to groove me up
Like some loco, I earned my respect
Did so much shit for the coast, I should get a check
But all in all I did it B
Cool as a blonde with a C
Lovin my life, as I push away the groupies
Swoopin in a Coupe and you can call me Uncle Snoopy

[Chorus: Latoiya Williams]
Don't worry about your circumstances
Take your chances, still from the L-B-C
For you are the C
Holla at'cha Uncle Snoopy {*2X}

[Interlude 4X: Latoiya Williams]
I paid my dues and now it's time to make a change
Gotta make that move there's a time and place for everythang

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[Outro: Latoiya Williams]
Oh I, paid my dues, time to make a change
Make that move, I've paid my dues
Ohhh-ohh-oh-ohhh, yeah