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Artist: Snoop Dogg f/ T-Pain
Album:  The Doggumentary
Song:   Boom
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

(Boom! Boom!)
Yeah, top Dogg (boom)

Get'cha money, whip your hair
Executive branch, blowin smoke like a player
Yeah in the club, yes it cracks
Cute little mama but they stacked with backs
I'm smokin grape, purple urple
You in Doggie World come and join my circle
I'll break down herbal 'til I move like a turtle
My money is green, and my Porsche is turbo
In hot pursuit, come rock with Snoop
Baby's a lawyer, her body's the truth (cute)
I'm in the game for real, it pays to chill
I walk in the club, and they front the bill
I'm the Big Dogg, best beware
You comin with me, if you stop and stare
She'll be on my team, in my car
On the way to the spot - yes you are
Toastin up, postin up
And when we done, we West coastin love
Fo'shendo, blowin indo
How much for the Dogg in the window?

Uhh, wha-what, wha-what?
(Boom! Boom!)
Say what? Say what?
(Boom) Talk to 'em T-Pain

[Chorus: T-Pain]
Baby I'm a dog (I'm a dog) beware (ah beware)
I do whatever, however I want (I want)
This one for y'all (this one for y'all) oh yeah (oh yeah!)
Now put your hands in the air, and whip your hair and go
La, la la la!
Boom shaka-laka when I drop her I'ma have her sayin
La, la la la!
One hitter quitter (quitter) shorty know that I ain't playin

[Snoop Dogg]
I'm all about the money, the money I got
On the V.I.P. tip, Maserati's in the lot
Chillin with the stars where the bottles never stop
Got a model on my lap, baby show me what'cha got (boom!)
With a cup for Landi, Tiffany and Sandy
Girls who like girls, wanna do it to daddy
Real talk, the suites is next
One mo' drink gon' lead to sex
These girls is bad, the flo' is packed
They shut the do' down when it reached the max
What'chu tryin to drink? Clear or 'gnac?
She got a apple bottom homey all I do is mack
I does it well, your game is whack
I gets to the bid'ness no chit-chat
Now where do we go? I beats the gush
She in love with the gangster, that's whassup

That's whassup (boom!)
That's whassup (boom!)
That's whassup (boom)
Speak to 'em T-Pain


[Snoop Dogg]
Boom shaka-laka, here comes the chief rocker
Smoke good with T-Pain, and Snoop the weed doctor
Big 808 now feel the bass in your chakra
And watch me smoke like a shottah
Coke bottle shape, light green eyes
Drunk off her love like a Colt 45
I keep kush in my lungs, I'ma smoke 'til I die
Just bust a bad one for my homey D. Dimes
They do it for fortune, some for fame
I got five different strains, you ever taste Purple Rain?
Turn up the volume, adjust the gain
Ain't a damn thing changed, "Still a G Thang"
Lil' mama whip your hair; exhale the chronic
as the smoke disappears, I'm ready to ball
Your girl on my team and she ready to fall
And if you didn't know, I'm the Bigg Snoop Dogg

Say what, say what? (Boom!)
I don't think they heard you (boom)
Talk to 'em T-Pain