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Artist: Snoop Dogg f/ October London
Album:  Coolaid
Song:   Revolution
Typed by: Lil Hustle

The revolution will be televised
Just Blaze, this is serious bid'ness

[Chorus: October London]
The revolution, oh-oh
Will be televised, will be televised
The revolution, oh-oh
Will be televised, the revolution will be televised

[Snoop Dogg]
Sitting back watching, but I'm so unstable
Been a OG, since I was rocking in a cradle
Y'all don't know, that my bite is so fatal
Kick a fool down, like the homie with the 8-0
8-0, nigga don't play though
With the K'do, like to spray though
Sculpted, left hand full of play-do
Split him up the middle, cut him up like a potato
Oh, leave him on the sideline
Bleeding, cause he tried mine
With loot, to the food out
Me and my brother, we was caught up in a shoot out
Had the hidden pigs, on a nigga fo' days
Eight logs of powder, with 85 ways
Tech 9's, with a couple 4-5's
And the revolution, will be televised


[Snoop Dogg]
This ain't the local pass cash, with the broad fast fuse
This shit will be viewed, on your broadcast news
Why did I do it, my mama is on the call
Shot three lil' pigs, and now my back against the wall
Nowhere to turn, and nowhere to go
My blood is burning, I'm about to blow
Hughy Malcolm and Martin, those are my peers
They been doing niggaz like this, for over hundreds of years
Papa is fed, now it's time for us to clap back
But this time, we gon' bust step the fuck back
We ain't running, we shooting and looking for it
Anybody somebody, ery'body on the flo'
They just surrounded my place
Holding court in the streets, so I could win my case
Tech 9's, with a couple 4-5's
And the revolution, will be televised


[October London]
The revolution-lution-lution-lution
The revolution-lution-lution-lution
Will be televised
The revolution-lution-lution-lution