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Artist: Snoop Dogg
Album:  Coolaid
Song:   Got Those
Typed by: Lil Hustle

All money ain't good money
But ain't no money like for sho' money

Took it from the bottom to the top flo'
What I paid fo', cost a lot do' yeah
Money problems, ery'body got those
But now-a-days, we ain't really got those
No, money bag all my bitches got those
No Chanelle, everybody got those
No, shooters on the roof you know I got those
And hear a couple shots, hope you got those

[Snoop Dogg]
I pull up, in a full metal jacket
Pop shots top notch, with the ratchet
I leave a nigga dead, on the asphalt
Slap him 'cross his face, and tell him take them fucking pants off
T'd up, G'd up when we stance off
Two to the chest, make a bitch nigga dance off
Gone with the wizzind, juice with the gizzin
Rise till I risen, I'm strong with the pizzen
You don't know, oh I thought you thizzought
Limbo the designer, and finer fuck what it cizzost
See everything I rock and wear, it's handmade
If she with me she got it all, you understand me


[Snoop Dogg]
The police, motherfucking gang to me
And money, ain't a motherfucking thang to me
Let me break it down for you
Keep a few shooters, and a damn good lawyer
Preparation for the worst, meditation with this verse
Education rebirth, cause you know if you last you first
And everybody, wanna be the best
Red bottom shoes for you, Louie bag on your neck
Baby 'member, before you even had shoes
When your life, was filled with nothing but bad news
See everything I rock and wear, it's handmade
If she with me she got it all, you understand me


[Snoop Dogg]
New cars got that, good weed blow that
Bad bitch yes sir, O.G. for sho' that
Use to stay with my mama, on the couch
Like the Jeffersons I'm moving on up, and I'm out
Penthouse with the butler, who waits by the door
To insure, that I'm the only motherfucker on this floor
I got game I got fame, I got cash I got love
I got so many hoes, I'm bout to open a club
You got me I got you, you got one I got two
Stop by and have a good time, it's popping at Snoop's
Got a whole lotta this, and I mix it with that
Me and Timbaland remember man, we bringing it back