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Artist: Snoop Dogg f/ E-40, Jazze Pha
Album:  Coolaid
Song:   Double Tap
Typed by: Lil Hustle


[Chorus: Jazze Pia - 2x]
Trying to double tap that, (yeah shorty)
I'm trying to double tap that
Slide off in your DM, slide off in your DM

[Jazze Pha]
If she ain't a rider, I don't want her
I need a real one, in my corner
She got a job, she independent
She don't need nothing, from a man
Shorty be making, her own money
And all her pensions real, no stunting
She got a dude, I'm so confused
She's staying single on a gram, hey ladies

[Chorus - 2x]

[Snoop Dogg]
Which one of y'all, wanna dip with a Crip
Take a trip to a place, where the weather win
Rolling up a seven and, take you where you never been
In the gym, with a little bit of medicine
This that shit, so heavy
Double tap with the rack, baby so ready
Living in the south, backyard big house
Three or four cars, but she need a little D in her life
Some G in her life, so I'ma hit her with the bid'ness
Denzel, can a nigga get a witness
Touch the screen, two times for the set
I put you in a 'Vette to the jet, to get you wet
Computer love, I know you want that hooter love
Fuck with me on the low, and I'ma do you up
Conclude this Crip, niggaz baby we in
Smoking up open up, I slide up in your DM

[Chorus - 2x]

Rappers wanna be athletes, and athletes wanna be rappers
We all having our revies, all of us is factors
Raised in the streets me and my peeps, from the gutter the track the soil
Executive suites from famine or feast, double pots brushed
You wanna be wifed up and spoiled, pacifies
Tell ya more females in this thang, than it is guys
Hey what this shit, she ready
I'm trying to get some blowjob Betty
Mayn I got coochie on deck, all day
But baby girl, thicker than a milky way
She on, she said she liked my song
I gave her my phone, she liked her IG on my Samsung
Bicoastal not local, we hot keep popping for sho' though
We get around like a circle, or prolly should I say oval
She tried revocal or volvo, she wanna Snapchat a photo
She wanna give me fellatio bruh, A.K.A. oral let me tap that

[Chorus - 2x]