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Artist: Smut Peddlers f/ Kool Keith
Album:  Porn Again
Song:   Stank MCs
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Kool Keith]
One two.. Smut Peddlers
Kool Keith.. in the place
	(I stays actin like that!)

Pose for TV in lightning dub fashion
Big cities like New York and L.A. need some action
Channel 2 support the best rap on the NBA basketball court
Champion when I rap large, cats with champion thoughts get thinner
No minks displayed, y'all freeze this winter
Girls react to wack status, get tantalized with stunning
operation black status - move you out like shipment
Your producers work with Mickey Mouse equipment
Anybody I get with start rhymin different
You're old like frozen biscuits
Delete your cheap service deliver raps like Fleet Service
Empire structure, elite service
The United States deserve us, everybody jumpin on Curtis
Mayfield play field stay still
Put blankets on Ampex reels, reel to reel
Walk back think back, double backed backpacks
Switch up the upperclass, for the double class

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
	(I want it like that!  I got it like that!
	 I'm crooked like that!  I do it like that!)
Smack you with a condom, on and on
for.. you stink MC's!

I got vintage Nikes stuck firm in the earth's dirt
Thirty-one flavors of hydroponic sherbert
With rainbow jimmies, brain glow in me
It's the manic, run the point like Mike Bibby
The son of Henry, with the last minute entry
Y'all hangin on my balls, tea-baggin like Tetley
Introduce the high post to the low post
and choke on 'em, when we blow skunk on 'em
Kids doin coke mad cause they dick shrunk on 'em
And if your woman wants, I blow the spunk on 'em
Fuck a third eye, my third leg hobble her
With beer goggles, shit and Jack bottles, tobacco
I'm sick in essential elements I sip
Use a tuning fork to eat lace alphabets
Eon, hit the mindless with the timeless
Got a iced out dick, honey come shine this


I stick my skull out for anybody
Comin out the side of my neck fuckin ugly white bitches is a HOB-BY
Callin me out I'm on the frontline sleepwalkin
Three million sheep talkin up intestines for this meat coffin
Run up in some dirty bitch watchin her soaps
Give my daughter a shotty if she pick up daddy's (?) envelopes
The only bitch I listen to
Tried to smuggle in some shit, but I couldn't piss it through
On a bottom feeder, pukin a two liter
Bash you and your crew tryin to sneak out a gay theater
Riddles, spinal town, screwed the vagina down
Cut the body and raped it to the acetate for vinyl clowns
Stuffed my jacket with albino down furs
She went on my plane starvin, eatin passengers
Even semi-digesteds poke for free
til Kubrick jumps in the pussy and fucks it better than me