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Artist: Slaughterhouse
Album:  Welcome To: Our House
Song:   The Slaughter (Intro)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Who the fuck wanna get it on? {*pig squealing*}
Get shitted on, ten minutes long {*loud chainsaw*}
Oh fuck! {*various violent butchering*}
Get shitted on, ten minutes long
A few minutes featured, then they gone

{*gradually fades to a live performance*}

Fuck rap, I'm not dealin with it
I carve kindness on a bullet, and kill you with it
Your mom's a slut {*mic gets cut off, weapons sound*}
{*people screaming as a chainsaw revs up*}

What is an emcee?
An emcee, is a soldier
Who never backs down from any challenge
From any cipher
Well this is the title that was given to us
Slaughterhouse - no fake emcees allowed