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Artist: Slaughterhouse f/ B.o.B
Album:  Welcome To: Our House
Song:   Place to Be
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{"Kane is in the building"}

[Crooked I]
Fuck the whole world mayne, we are the freshest
I'm higher than a baby on a seesaw with Precious
Y'all just the messengers, we are the message
You bang on wax, I beef off the record
Rap like I trap, you can't spit this flow
I sling water, sling flour, I'ma get this dough
Yeah, behind my zipper where her lipstick go
Like an embryo in a hooker, I'm in this hoe

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Nickel! Right off the rip, nigga we are the dopest
Y'all in front of the cameras, we are the focus
Y'all are the watered down, we are the potent
Y'all call y'all bosses, we call the GOAT then
We ball for sho' and, here we are fast cats, fly
me and +Bombs Over Baghdad+, BOB
The only thing I hate to see
is hate, in the place to be

[Chorus: B.o.B]
What an incredible place to be
Away from the bullshit, I'm fadin slowly
Ain't no other place I'd rather be
Away from the lowlifes, surrounded by money
What about nines and super freaks?
A bottle Patrón, just on that green
If you down for the team
So while my pill is kickin in, take another shot
What an incredible place to be

[Joell Ortiz]
I'm feelin like Cassius, at last it's the greatest
Angry intelligent rap, mad innovative
Y'all blast garbage shit, we blast the haters
Hip-Hop's a community, we smack the neighbors
The last men standin when the shit get real
When the rest up we stepped up like a 6-inch heel
Yeah, I'm gettin used to how this rich shit feel
Don't judge me, I'm tryin my best to make my dick sit still

[Joe Budden]
Fresh in the strip club, he be the realest
The drugs got her number, she feel this
I said I need her love but for an hour, not anything like a spouse
Told her the roof's missin but e'rything's on the house
Got a table full of liquor, somethin's gotta hit the spot
She might even put 'em on the glass if we mix a lot
Get her nice and buzzed
The night'll end when we decide it does


You already know nigga we be's the flyest
You might've seen high but nigga we get, the highest
Far as lighters, I need at least a 3-week supply
with all this pussy thrown at me now I'm knee-deep, in 'gina
Bitch I'm boss, fuck around and unleash Goliath
I go deep of gettin poon, you're wet now call me, Poseidon
I'm a giant, I eat beats and I burn good
That's my diet, B.o.B and Slaughterhouse, 5

[Royce Da 5'9"] + (B.o.B)
9, every time I scribble a rhyme down niggaz be like (that's a riot)
Crooked, Ortiz, sick with the flow (that's a riot)

[Joe Budden]
Yo, yo yo, or explosive
Know it be like Floetry, so it's +Ambrosius+
I wrote it, know that it's cool to quote it

[Joell Ortiz]
-ell one hell of a relevant MC, felon ya melon is empty
So elementary, benevolency resides inside our pens, see/C

[Crooked I]
-R-double-O-K-E-D I
Far up and away cause we be high

[Chorus] - 2X