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Artist: Slaughterhouse f/ Ming
Album:  Welcome To: Our House
Song:   Goodbye
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[Joe Budden]
Uhh, yeah, beautiful, check

I remember it like it just happened
I could've sworn it was a dream
But in reality it hit me like a nightmare
Or at least that's how it seemed
I just got a grip on our relationship
We was ironin things out, started pickin up steam
And when we didn't need it's when it all got heated
and we both said some things that we probably didn't mean
God intervened, guess war was at stake
Thought we left nothin over, He put more on the plate
She came home from the doctor with news I been wantin
Said family was incoming, she pregnant, twins comin
Uh, but that's gotta be a lie
She sighed, couldn't stop the tears comin from her eyes
That birth control she on, for them it's suicide
As long as it's still inside, two of them, one survived
Hard turn from memorable to cynical
Picturin clothes for what would've been identical
Similar outfits, similar names
My deceased kid's ultrasound in a frame
So I'm deprived of my chance to be a better dad
Starin at my twins that I never had
I shed a tear lookin up in the sky
Even though y'all just got here, goodbye!

[Chorus: Ming]
Goodbye, goodbye, so long, farewell
But it's not the end of the chapter
Goodbye, goodbye, so long, farewell
I'll see you again in the afterlife

[Crooked I]
Uh, my biological sperm donor
Didn't wanna be a daddy so he hopped in his Caddy and turned corners on us
Turned on us out the clear blue
His last memory of his son is seein me through his rearview
I still love him yo, but I love his brother mo'
My uncle showed me love no one can know
Young and po' with a tougher road 
To suffer hunger was nothin but unc' would hold 
us down, help moms lift the motherload
I got grown and
I used to wonder what it would be like to speak to pops as a grown man
He provided that feelin, told me to take my career into my own hands
He was there when I had no fans
My cell phone rings, and after I answer
A voice says "Your uncle's been diagnosed with cancer"
Worst news in my life
Him and chemo goin 12 rounds with a disease and they both losin the fight
I'm rushin up to Cedars-Sinai
Prayin for a miracle, I don't wanna see my idol die
Before he did, the look in his eyes
said "Even though you just got here, goodbye"


[Interlude: Ming]
I'll see you again in the afterlife
Someday in heaven we will reunite
The flesh disappears but the soul survives
'Til next time my friend, farewell, goodbye

[Joell Ortiz]
I walked in your daughter house - knowin that you gone
but still lookin out the corner out my eye hopin you on the couch
That call felt like I was beef that got shot up
Ironic I was on tour with Tech N9ne and Slaughterhouse
E tried to talk to me, Crystal rubbed my back as they was pourin out
I caught the next thing soarin out
Now I'm in the air in the Midwest somewhere
They said the turbulence was severe, I don't know what they talkin 'bout
I ain't feel a bump, body numb, mind driftin
I'm snifflin, asthma actin up, I'm whistlin
I'm wishin, my mother's face looks so much different
I'm kissin my son, my aunt pacin in the kitchen
My vision blurry, still I saw your face clear
What a loss, this time I did more than waste beer
Michelle's strong, she held on, we got all the way there
Then we walked in and she fell on the floor, this ain't fair
You were the voice when I considered them thoughts that ain't clear
Hey granny - I was fifth row at the Grammy's
An award they ain't hand me
But I sat behind Will and, right in front of Wayne and got seen by the family
I miss the early mornin convo's, believe me
Regis on the TV, and the best baked ziti
But you had an all-white affair, grandpa's all fly
Even though you been got there, goodbye