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Artist: Slaughterhouse f/ Emanny
Album:  House Rules
Song:   Trade It All
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[Intro: Joe Budden]
Uhh, okay, it's that knock right here
Word up
Just got a couple questions for 'em
Okay, it go

[Joe Budden]
Uhh, here's somethin I'd like to know
Would you trade it all? Would you put a price on your soul?
(Answer that) You more about the outcome or the income?
Would you give up your dreams to feel like you're livin in one?
Faced with decisions, would you ignore intuition?
Trade in whatever drives you for keys to an ignition?
Uh, or would you go on like your life fine?
It's funny how a moment change your lifetime
Yeah, would I be held as a villain
if I never helped with feelings, change to sell a million?
Yeah, wonder what these fans'll say to me
Still'll garner some bravery, money never dictated me
Cause my morals for cash just ain't a trade to me
Respect is important, niggaz know not to play with me
It's not a void to fill, it's no vacancy
Take it all, it's no takin me

[Chorus: Emanny]
I'm a man, they always said I wouldn't be here
So much in my way, I've seen it all through these years
It's been give and take, they thought I'd break
But to trade it all is no trade at all

[Joe Budden]
Uhh, the ultimate contradiction
What started as a hobby now an honest way of livin
Which took me to a genius from a pompous with a vision
Could do a dramatization on the drama I've been given
Everybody says that, mom was kinda different
So e'ry composition just a calm I ain't in prison
Armed and on a mission, strapped and only armed with my conflictions
Never phased, my only armor is this thick skin
Daddy talent (what else?) momma wisdom (what else?)
Master of deceit, I cheated through the honor system
Quit my temporary job, earned more
Left school and learned more, rehab then burnt more
Tales of B&E's, toast and extortion
How my son was almost an abortion, I've been close to a coffin
Wouldn't do over this roller coaster
Know it played out like it was supposed to

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[Joe Budden]
It go, look - was froze over the phone
Waitin for you to change your tone while I was smokin
But that never happened like I was hopin
Waitin for you to laugh, at least tell me you was jokin
But you just kept on with the conversation
I'm tryin to be calm and patient
while pacin around the room, thoughts in my head are varied
That's you, grandpa and Mike, it's very scary, it's cancer, hereditary
Dad, we had our little issues after "Momma Said"
Glad that's behind us so we can cherish the time instead
I got faith, I know the Lord'll have a say
But you got a daughter on the way, what more do I gotta say?
You got twins to raise, they just beginnin to age
Tell God with a hint of rage it was meant for you to stay
If I gotta explain what should be understood
Yo I'd trade me for you if I could, we all good

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[Outro: Joe Budden]
It go, OHHH!!
One mo' 'gain, OHH!!
Never fold, never break
(To trade it all is no trade at all)
Not at all