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Artist: Slaughterhouse & DJ Drama
Album:  On the House
Song:   On the House
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[Intro: Crooked I]
Yeah Brooklyn
I'm in the booth doin my Joell Ortiz dance
Ah, ah, ah, ha ha
(DJ Drama, FUCK these niggaz!)

[Crooked I]
Ever since I start hangin with Slim Shady it's makin the pigs hate me
They racist as Dick Cheney; scared to shake my hand like maybe they'd get rabies
They angry, this shit's crazy
So I'm fuckin they hoes, they ladies get mixed babies
I live mainly like I'm rollin a script
Written for somebody who holdin his dick
That mean I never let a bitch play me
Ay me? I'm off beat, stop it Young Buck
You're not hip to the flow fallin in awkward pockets
Like the small one in your top hip dumbfuck (Crook keep goin)
Teach your class while the speakers blast
New niggaz out here eatin ass; bottoms up like their drinkin glass
Sinkin fast, not on no battleship, I'm not on no battle shit
I'm the king of spaz, rippin beats in half
The back room to the cypher, nigga you name it!
From Funk Flex to "Weight Scale" nigga you name it!
(Keep goin!) And you bitch niggaz givin me hell
Your body lean when the shotty ring
Like freedom, and crack, you're like the Liberty Bell
A 180 spin then he fell, I'm givin my enemies L's
No disrespect but I'll send them to where the Kennedys dwell
Sick as a young Ozzy, Osbourne
I's born to be kamikaze, that's airborne
Pop you like Asti Spumante
Body meet the concrete then I creep, then cock beat your auntie, in rare form
Lames I never care for 'em
I'm callin shots from a lawn chair with a air horn
Goin hard on them hoes
If I sock-her it's part of my goals, call it carnival closed, you've been fair warned
I even put a 1-8-7 on your spouse
Like she got AIDS sperm on her mouth, that's on the house!

[Interlude: Joell Ortiz]
Ay Crook, that's how you feel huh?
I can dig it my G
House Gang
This one's on the house fellas!
Ha ha!

[Joell Ortiz]
Hey Crook I'm doin my dance too
It's all +Head and Shoulders+, no shampoo
Beaver gang, who fuckin with my damn crew?
Why the lights flickerin? Why the amp blue?
Cause I'm in this bitch muh'fucker, give me my chant, woo!
Yaowa! I'm right at home, I recite a poem
from inside my bone marrow, narrow the microphone
Kings down to fall like you crawlin tryin to get out the door
But blaze behave while we let the gasoline gallons pour
Better than whoever you pointin at
So though I'm not done, like a marijuana cypher bring this joint back
Hey Crook I'm doin my dance too
It's all +Head and Shoulders+, Goddamn boo you lickin on the bamboo stick
Sugar, prissy bitch, look where my dick took her
Don't walk with your nose in the air if you got big boogers
Puerto Rican 6-footers, sick shooter
38-special with the speed loader, they call me quick nucca
Knick pusher, turn thick booker, rhyme spit cooker
Slice and dice rap beef, I'm the clips butcher
Got Gotham City goin insane
I'll come up out the bat cave holdin a cane
Everyone remain calm, I'm Bruce Wayne
Where the fuck is Bane?!
Maintain stamina, my AK caliber flow
and say hello and push your brainwaves out of ya mayne
See how you ride with your handlebars off of your frame
Throw grenades to your crib, bang, House Gang!
In came the truth in 'em, out came you lames
We don't play the skinny jeans and the blouse game
We just tryna feast, bon appetit
Y'all Chinese prisoners gonna eat, ha ha, chow mein
Bitch nigga, try to stop the kid's figures
and I'll put yo' ass on a plate, like a pinch hitter
Don't try to +Rob+ DeNiro from Ben Stiller
Cause I'll +Meet+ you +Fockers+ with a cold right, that's a chinchilla
On the House!


[Outro: Royce]
Yeah, Goddamn
Slaughterhouse GAAAAAAAAAANG!
Yeah {*echoes*}