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Artist: Slaughterhouse & DJ Drama
Album:  On the House
Song:   Juggernauts
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[Royce da 5'9"]
Hey, we ain't really gotta keep goin through this
Anybody 'bout to rap circles 'round you my nigga we 'bout to do it
You about that bitch knowin that swag
That's it, let me talk about us, we about that bitch throwin that swag
We about that sittin on that ave
Maybe cause we sittin on that ave, we about that pistol in that bag
We about that fistfight, only after we grab a fistful of that cash
We about that get right, what you are perceived the least but not last
We are sickest scribblin with that pen and pencil and that pad
And y'all talkin this and that, so what
My clique can wrap my dough up - now picture that
I write the sloppiest verses down you've seen, I hand it in for green
so I can buy all of my bitches bags with the stacks and call the cash chicken scratch
Slaughter baby we just gettin warm, y'all ain't fuckin nothin we can't fuck
Y'all ain't drivin nothin we can't drive, if we can't afford it we just take yours
And y'all little niggaz just misinformed
Shady blew up, took the game, turn around, ten years later he gave it to the

[Chorus 2X: sample of Eminem from 50 Cent's "Patiently Waiting"]
"The juggernauts of this rap shit, juggernauts of this rap shit"
"Juggernauts of this rap shit, juggernauts of this rap shit"
"Juggernauts of this rap shit, juggernauts of this rap shit"
"Juggernauts of this rap shit, like it or not"

[Crooked I]
Some of you niggaz is bitches too, you rockin panties (huh)
Sit down when you pissin too, you niggaz trannies (huh)
What you stand for is beneath me, you understand me (huh)
Niggaz get X'd like the Professor and juggernauts run in our family (huh!)
Homie I was makin text before that Martin Margiela
And niggaz was rockin Avirex, now how rappers date my exes
And I'm still rated X - stick my dick so far down a bitch's throat
it'll come out on her other side and turn a blowjob into anal sex
Ain't no next cause I got now until I decide to bow, I vow your style
It ain't gon' mean a thang cause I came to +Bring the Pain+ like Tical
Nigga now, we the juggernauts of this rap shit
Bust a shot with ya ratchet when suckas droppin that wack shit

[Joell Ortiz]
Ask them hood niggaz if I hug the block
Ask these broads if I slide on that glove and uppercut that box
Man I come from the roughest so if I come up in the spot
and you buggin I'm tellin you suckas watch
I'ma take off your fuckin watch and, scratch a big old B a nigga head, scream "Juggernaut!"
He hot, that don't mean that he nice, y'all get that confused a lot
2Pac, I don't sacrifice what I write for the newest drop
Big Pop, us big boys still clean down to the socks
Then sprinkle a little Big L on top, I'm what the fuck you got
I'm P-Puerto Rock, with a pen and Eminem as a friend I'm touchin this Entenmann's
That's cake, you lil' boys don't get it so listen let's make amends
We don't wanna be bullies, y'all don't wanna get beat up, so lift your knees up
and start runnin or put your knees down on the ground and bow cause we the


[Joe Budden]
Look, it's House Gang on that +Shady+ Street so you already know that address
Where he lose his head so they assumin he dead before that body even hit that bag yet
Be face-to-face with them slugs, sad cause my goons ain't load that mag yet
On the bottom of the ocean, floatin, they hopin they gon' find your ass with that Dragnet
NAH! Blat, blat, blat, you're listenin to a juggernaut
She just gon' sit by the pool 'til one nigga decide if I'm ready to fuck or not
Rappers contingent on everything other then rap so no we ain't discussed a lot
It's sad when they wait for your passion, not do it for cash when they tell me they up the pot
Nigga you would too, if you knew, what this game'll do to you
Been in this since 2002, look at all the bullshit I've been through
So-called beef with nobodies, I'd mention them but they nobodies
They say they killers, got no bodies, I'm sober talkin on no Mollies
It's Joe, probably won't throw not one bottle in the club
Honestly it's worthless killin the purpose of these hollows and these gloves
And really I'm havin a much better time on the couch with these models on my nuts
The minute we reign is the minute you'll see us show these cock-a-roaches love
What up?

[Outro: Joe Budden echoing]
What on Earth will the fuck boys do now?
Tah, same shit they been doin
Gettin fucked