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Artist: Skylar Grey f/ Eminem
Album:  Natural Causes
Song:   Kill for You
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[Intro: Skylar Grey]
Oooooooh {*sounds of guns being cocked*}
Oooooooh {*two car doors close followed by footsteps*}
Oooooooh {*automatic gunfire*}
Oooooooh {*bank alarm goes off followed by running footsteps*}
Oooooooh {*two car doors slam shut and the car peels off*}

[Chorus: Skylar Grey]
You could make me a believer, oh
Even if that shit ain't true, oh, oh
You could make me com-mit murder
Baby I'd kill for you

[Skylar Grey]
In my eyes
Even if you are wrong, you are right
Even if it's a terrible crime, it's alright
Cause I got your back, and I know you got mine
I belong (I belong)
to the church of your name, sing a song (sing a song)
Cause I worship the ground you walk on (you walk on)
If I pray for you, I know you'll be therrrrrrre


[Skylar Grey]
In my bed
I believe every word that you've said
Just a kiss and you make me forget, all the bad
The battles we've lost, the bodies we hid
You don't know (you don't know)
just how far I'd be willing to go (to go)
You put the cracks into my moral code (moral code)
So you can count on me, to always be therrrrrrre


[Skylar Grey]
Oh Lord, forgive my weary hands
And for what they may do
I'll carry out his evil plans
If he wants me to

In your dream, you're drownin, I just waltz in and save you
I'm your alternate escape route, the altar you pray to
Your ultimate savior - your behavior is altered
Ain't your fault cause I made you, brainwash and persuade you
Gibraltar, your faith'll, never falter or waver
One you call to in danger, I'm your guardian angel
Nobody can tell you, shit you've already made your
mind, just follow me babe you, won't be sorry you stayed, you
always ride, whatever the plan is
'Til the end, even if I led us into an ambush
Even if we robbed a First National
And cops caught us red-handed
they're comin at us and we're trapped with our backs up
against the wall and it's too tall, you'd catapult me
or hold the ladder for me, stay back to get captured
Take the fall, you make it all worth it, baby doll
You're perfect, the way you are - accidents happen!
All I know is you love me, that's really all that matters
And any who cross our paths are just collateral damage
At your side, got your lateral, back, your front, diagonal
Backwards, blackbirds, we attack like animals
When they threaten what we have it's a natural reaction
You'll lay a bitch flat on her back in
a second flat for me
Who tries to take your man from you, it's blasphemy, another casualty
You'll go whatever route!
Do whatever you have to do, you'd blast for me, I never doubt - that!