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Artist: Skull Duggery f/ Mystikal
Album:  These Wicked Streets
Song:   Satisfied
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ball till you fall X3

somebody said you was fuckin with me
when I said I saw that bumpin
cause after that ya'll that nigga fucked up
me and skull duggery got the little nigga somethin
I told the boy nigga be beside himself
stop playin with big ole niggas
knock your motherfuckin head off
if you get in my way while I'm handlin my business
I'm makin a million in a minute, 450 windows tinted
I'm prepared to present it 
ya'll gone feel it when I'm finished
flippin em with that 
nigga call them playa die
you lookin for me, cause the man right chea
motherfucker stop lookin around 
like you listenin to opsni ass rapstars
that just can't take it no more
better bring your ass back where you came from 
like you should a did a long time ago
nigga if you know like I know 
make some way for the southern sector
makin records like you never expected us
these nigga gon have to respect us
triple beams, make green, money clean
with these do it better believe
we keep this bitch leanin
that's what we satisfied bitch

do it, do it, do it till you're satisfied

[Skull Duggery]
you can raise the roof up high as you want
everybody on the dance floor doin what they want
no trippin on the women know i'm bout it
and the swing my shit nigga with no chips nigga
no it didn't
that's what I mean I'm on point
what what all moves understand
I'm laid back man smokin on the back wood automatic sweets
that's how we do it nigga, won't you feel me
should of took the L A got the doja on seat
smokin nothin but that fire ass green 
and we see some fine ass honeys and I told ya
just cause we doin it nigga and that's over
they wanna pass by my nigga Mystikal
if you do then we gonna do it girl now check it
I like to head suck and like to butt fuck
but I'm a tell you like this
I'm doin it up

[Mystikal/Skull Duggery]
you lookin over here, c'mon you know I don't want ya
you don't want fuck with this, yo Bitch I told ya
it's Mystikal and Skull Duggery doin our thang
and looky here we gonna make you rap bitches sang
one thang you got to overstand we straight doin it
looky here we gon pursue it until we finish
and all you bitches hurry up with that pretendin
cause you bout to straight do it, no bullshittin  


[Skull Duggery]
yo girly what's up, what are you lookin at
you like a big nigga like me nailin that
it's all good if I don't have on the gator shoes
and versaci shirt what you gonna do
thinkin that a nigga have cake and all that
and if you figure I'm broke, I'm broke wet
and I'm a tell you like this you got to overstand
when I start doin it, I do it like a man
I make sure I get what I got when I got it
I make sure I do what I want when I want it
and that's how I like to be, dig me
you got to feel how this nigga Skull really be
I holler at my nigga Mystikal while we in the club
and now ya'll girls pushin and shovin
but I don't give a damn you know what I mean
bring me some Crystal and hennessy

chorus until end