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Artist: Skeme f/ Pimp C, Snoop Dogg
Album:  Ingleworld 2
Song:   1 Time 4 Pimp
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Skeme & Snoop Dogg]
This part of my show right here we call this "finish the sentence"
I'm a start it, you finish it
"If I could share a double cup, I would share it with..."
R.I.P to Pimp, to this day Pimp C fan for life
I was a UGK kid

I've been through hell and back, chasing heaven on earth
Put my all in this shit for whatever it's worth
A nigga play about mine, leave you dead in a hearse
Two hundred dash on this bitch, hundred clip in a [?]
Got the money comin' in each way
Real nigga, keep a pistol for a keepsake
I've been that boy, that what the streets say
I'm balling, every play I make is worthy of a replay
This is how it go and how it is
My mind locked in, I stand rich steady stacking, watching grown men act like kids
Laughing while these rappers yapping, I know they ain't with the biz
Road to the riches, ask niggas what's the hold up
Half pint sitting in a two-liter, poured up
Twenty chains on a nigga neck, got me glowed up
Where you niggas from, any answer get a "so what"

[Pimp C]
I don't give a fuck about hip-hop cause I ain't made none of that shit
You niggas been sayin' we wasn't real hip-hop from the beginning of time
They say we wasn't real hip-hop cause we don't have no backpack
[?] motherfuckers tell you something for so long let you know they don't want you
Know what I'm saying?
After a while a nigga don't want to be down to bitch-ass niggas no more

It's me and mine over you and yours
I'm getting mine, give a fuck with what what you doing with yours
This the type of flow to pay the bill off
This the type of flow a young nigga made a mil' off
That G shit be what my niggas get a thrill off
Fuck all of the phonies and the frauds, I'm a real boss
Talking about cash, I'm a do the whole dash
Hop right off in that European monster then it peels off
We don't fuck with sucker niggas like they five-o
I can snatch bitch with my eyes closed
If she ask me for money, tell her "bye, no"
Still jump off in that pussy from the top row
I'm the motherfuckin' man, fuck a nigga sayin'
Throw off a nigga plans, I'm a get to sprayin'
Hit the corner with the [?] rap it in saran
I never bitch about the cards, I just play the hands

[Pimp C]
Get your mind on your shit, you can have some too
But you got to come down here and buy you some bitch
I'm talking about straight business man
I know they don't like me
They be all on the internet talking about the Pimp
You know what though, bitch?
Till you put your real motherfuckin' address and phone number on that shit
You ain't sayin' nothing nigga, hidin' behind them e-mail address
You a hoe

Lookin' like a walking, talking brick nigga
Ten chains, tell your bitch take a pic nigga
I go walking in any club and take a pic nigga
I've been on five for a while, living lit nigga
I'm just trying to get rich, take a risk nigga
Ball like Kobe, codeine OD out my piss nigga
I hate a trip, I pop 'em quicker than a zit nigga
Fuck your favorite rapper, bet I knock him off the list nigga
Me and my bro gon' fuck the hoes and yell switch nigga
I'm 'bout that dope, 'bout that cheese, leave you Swiss nigga
S-G-O-D-B or dig a ditch nigga
It's a motherfuckin' gang not a clique nigga
I'm the motherfuckin' truth, game sucker proof
Mardi Gras beads for the coupe with the missing roof
Sipping on that juice, get the loot, what you nigga do?
Top floor where the guap gave the boy a different view

[Pimp C]
Bitch ass niggas, well guess what?
We ain't real hip-hop down here nigga
Nigga stay up there where you at
With your funny ass cars and funny ass houses nigga
We down here have everything nigga
I've been driving Cadillacs since I was fifteen years old bitch
Get your mind on your shit, know what I'm talking about?
For real and I ain't mad at nobody cause you know what?
The real rappers that gettin' money ain't hating
But you know who cryin'? Them bitch-ass niggas that can't sell no records man
They cryin' cause they can't sell no records right now
You niggas friendly as a box of puppies