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Artist: Silkk the Shocker f/ Fiend, Mystikal
Album:  Made Man
Song:   No Limit
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Silkk (Fiend):

(Nigga spell that shit you represent, Shocker)


(What kind of ride you got from all that hard workin, boy)
Range Rovers, Lex Rollers, Benz, Lexus, Jeeps, Jags
(What's the type of bitch niggas No Limit don't fuck with)
Fake, snitch, jive hatter, punk, sucka, busta, coward
(What kind of niggas you love to make your money with)
Thugs, Gs, ridas, soldier, ballers, playas, hustlers, money makers
(And what's that feddy, what's that name for that feddy)
Scratch, scrilla, mulla, doe, paper, duckets, cheese, green
(Now Silkk bust that made man shit)
Yo, yo, I come into the room like I was high on dope
Shit's Bitter
Rhymes out till my mutha fucka's call time out(time out)
I'm a tank dog plus I bank yall, plus I outrank yall
Like I can't ball, what the fuck yall niggas thank dog
I ain't sure I can't fall, nigga
Bodies full of tatoos, break all the rules
Too much to lose, I can't fall
So nigga how u want me to do it, mean how ya want me to rap
Want it fast flow, ROWDY, or laid back(shit)	
So is that all you sayin nigga sayin
Play back, can't beleive you'd say that
Been doin this from way back
Just 12 missions with 4 tracks
you know that i been with the in crowd
Business style, been while
Shit fuck the dumby, fuck the money
My earrings cost ten thou.
The taller i get the moment I get, in fact
If I grow 7 feet, shit I could retire from rap
So when I go on, hardcore never go soft
Shit i'ma throw the fuck off,
Somebody call me a shrink, don't even blink, I don't think
Djuo wanna fuck with me, like that cuz I'll beet ya ass so bad boy
Won't even think bout fightin back
I'll put one in your chest, done it for less
I want the cash, none with mental stress
Don't feel love, kept my heart up under my vest
If not the coldest, atleast one of the best(huh bro)	
I say thangs people scared say, Dj scared to play
But I'm Silkk the Shocker, get my doe from underground
Add it to my scale it's another pound
Here's to all yall questions
So many gots to wonder now
Rumors get me kinda mad

Yall done done it now

I'm Silkk the Shocker, down and dirty
You mutha fuckin heard me?	
If rap was a sport, when i'm done your gonna have ta retire my jersee
1, yea that's me Silkk the, Shocker

Yo Silkk, how many shots it going to down 8 niggas

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

That's it?	

Maybe not

How many niggas gonna b left after you do that

8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, (I mean) None

Tell them niggas how much money you  working with


Yo, nigga, where we takin this shit to

East coast, West coast, North, South, Mid-west
There you have it, fuck it
Ahhhh, ha ha, fuck 
First I'm looking at, I look at your strange ass bitch