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Artist: Silkk The Shocker f/ Master P
Album:  Made Man
Song:   Ghetto Rain
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[Master P]
Picture this, any man that hustle because like to is a fool.
Any man that hustle because he got to feed his family.... 
that's a real man.nYou see I hustle because I got feed me family 
I got families to feed, I got feed my mama, 
I got to feed big mama, I got to feed my cousin, 
I got to feed my lil' brother, I got to feed my sister, 
I got to feed my kids, I got to feed my people.

The ghetto's got me hustlin' tryin' to survive
the ghetts got me hustlin' tryin' to stay alive.
The ghetto get me hustlin' tryin' to survive,
and I know I'm goin' to hustle until the day I die.

[Master P]
It's da black rain to da moon and tears that cause lies
see that's the way I felt when my lil' brother died.
And some fools say it ain't no justice 
and other niggaz say it ain't no peace
that's why thugs help their on these projects and on these streets.
See my daddy made me a dealer
and my cousin made me killer.
See that's why everything we do, they gonna respect us and feel us
And I'm still tryin' to understand why big daddy was with da rest
and my nephew on the last counter on da 14th down the car reck.
It ain't muthafucker down on dope, on crack, or aids
and I see so many ghetto people go to jail 
and live your life and die like slaves.
I got a relative on apeel doin' 25 flat
on murder or ride nigga fuck it Johnny Cochran can't fight that.
And since I'm black and I'm rich 
they see to overlook It's me advise
first class niggaz tryin' call da police tryin' to book us.
Ain't that a bitch, I done made millions 
and still goin' through a thang
That's niggaz ask me P why the fuck you never change.


[Silkk The Shocker]
It's like I'm rich and poor
I open the world and slang dop
it's the world changes knowand changes I thorp.
I thank all my big brothers with out him I wouldn't made it through
so with life on line put all up 4 him so I put that shit on TRU.
The ghetto got me caught up, no broken dreams
the ghettos trap, I see some on crack, and dope fiends.
My hommie, Never did no crime but lien' up in the hearse
thank god 4 all that I got from that times can be wrorst.
Ever feel like u was swimming, and really was dronin'
you ani't wanna smile but your tender smile always see me clownin'
I trade my life to make the world better 
trade everything I got including life 
to bring back my brother Kevin.
See I spit the realist shit 
tryin' make yo'll feel this shit.
Yo'll tryin' put the finger on our side, 
livin' middle bricks livin' this shit.
See I tell you everybody use to ride benzes 
but we had to ride buggies
mom wanted better things for me 
but private school was way past our budget.
So if I'm  happy and I'm smilin' and I'm camouflage my problems
the only way I can really solve them 
if I really grab and revolve them.
So I grab it and I cocked it
I was going to pop it.
But I stop, forgot I was rich.
what everybody not rich.
Every month so close to gettin' no profits
my only hustle, I told them to stop it, 
but can't really knock it.
Everybody died up in game 
everybody tryin' to maintain 
wall from out da ghetto, 
close my eyes and still see the pain.
Sometimes I just get fed up.
To all my souljas worldwide 
I know its hard to stride. 
Keep your head up!

[Chorus x2]