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Artist: Silkk the Shocker f/ Master P, Snoop Doggy Dogg
Album:  Charge it 2 Da Game
Song:   Throw Yo Hood Up
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[Snoop Doggy Dogg Talking]
No Limit
Yeah southern hospitality we seizin it on you
My nigga Silkk the Shocker
Snoop D-O double G-Y-D-O double G
Beats by the pizound, you know what I 'm sayin? 
From the N-O to the L-B-C

[Snoop:]  All my real gangstaz throw yo hood up
               Throw yo hood up
               Throw yo hood up
[Silkk:]    Now to all my real soldiers throw yo hood up
               Throw yo hood up
               Throw yo hood up

Fancy cars, diamond rings
Bad ass bitches, lots of cocaine
Smokin on the best bud
Givin up that West love
Got them bitches shakin they ass, all in the club

Now some call us playaz, others call us pimpz
Some a let us talk about hoes
Some hoes dig us an lets talk about pimps
You know we don't show no tricks or bitch niggaz no love
You should know all the way to Snoop nigga pimpin's all up in our blood

Now trip this for a second nigga
I'm bout to drop some real pimp shit on yo ass
Have you ever slapped a bitch?
Have you ever counted over a thousand dollars in cash?
Nigga if you ain't never did that shit before
Get the fuck up out my face
'Fore I have to pull this tre 8 up out my muthafuckin waist

And if you don't do it, I'ma do it
These niggaz be talkin so bad, an umm to that question you asked
I slapped a bitch, I counted a million dollars in cash
So it ain't no thang, bitch back up
Give a nigga some room before I bust
I give a fuck about a hoe, I'm bout to get a fuckin nut
Get tha fuck an get up, throw it up

(Chorus 2x)

It's the S-N double O-P

Nigga an this is Silkk the Shocker
Automatic with rockers
Yo girl automatic gonna jock us

From the L-B to the N-O
Represent me and my kin fo'

Blaze up like indo
Like dirt up in a rental
Nigga at the right place we caught you at the wrong time
An my team bout to beat you down, ain't no fuckin game
You threw up the wrong sign
See I went from hundred dollar rock spots
To umm, million dollar raps
I want a 1.5 from the day I turn this debt

Now Peter Piper picked peppers, while I pimped hoes
In my white drop Rolls, an it's sittin on Vogues
Jack was nimble, was nimble
Nigga he was a bitch, let niggaz smack 'im
Punk 'im, an jackin his shit
When you in it
You gotta get ignit
Cuz niggaz will play you, lay you, then they spray you
OK you, gotta little money an you figure you hard
You bought two pitbulls for your big backyard
Now let me be frank with you, in this game
You betta have a lotta homies, some straps an a tank with you
Cuz these niggaz they be playin for keeps
While you sleepin, they creepin
That's word to my mama


[Snoop] (Master P)
All my real gangstaz (huh what, nigga what)

[Silkk] (Master P)
All my real soldiers (huh what, nigga what)

[Silkk] (Master P)
I'm a G-A-N-G-S-T to the A
I got niggaz throwin up they hood from NY to CA
I probably won't get five mics, cuz I curse this much
But they don't understand, that's why I'm worth this much
See all my real ass soldiers grab yo shit an act bad
An all my real niggaz grab the guns, weed, ammunition an cash
See y'all bustas can't hold me down
Like the police, they had the wrong guy
An if I tell you somethin believe it like you seen it with your own eyes
Damn tell you what, meanin what
See I make gangsta shit, they wanna tell us clean it up
Now I walked in, straight up outta some thuggish shit
Don't tell me nothin to be here try to tear the club up bitch
Now don't have me trade the muthafuckin tape for the crack
Don't have me go back to tradin the mic for the gat
(See you love them hoes back in the days)
Nigga please, you could go far back like pullin out of sex
So either fall back on keys or forty g's
See I'm bout bigger paydays
I don't trip, I set clips into AK's
See I done shit bitch, now see me go
I run shit bitch like a CEO
Now Snoop how you spell gangsta?  Spell it D-P-G
An I spell soldier N-O-L-I-M-I to the T
That's cuz we different riders

[Master P]
Huh nigga, nigga what
Huh nigga what
Huh nigga what, what
Huh nigga what
Huh nigga what, nigga what
Huh nigga what
Huh nigga, nigga what
From the N-O to the L-B-C
From the East to the West coast
To the dirty muthafuckin South
To the Nizorth
My lil brother, Silkk the Shizocker an Snoop
Real niggaz unite you heard me?
That's how we do it nigga
Playaz fool, now destroyed them muthafuckin enemies