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Artist: Silkk The Shocker f/ Destiny's Child, Master P
Album:  Charge it 2 Da Game
Song:   Just Be Straight With Me
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[Chorus - Destiny's Child} + (Master P)
People always talking 'bout (Huh what, say what)
You're a hustler (Huh what, say what)
I don't care what the others think (Huh, what, say what)
Just be straight with me (Huh what, say what)
Ooh, ooooohhhhh (Huh what, say what)

[Verse 1: Silkk the Shocker]
Huh, huh, huh
I know I take chances to make sure I'm sittin' tight
Do I get it how I live it but sometimes I don't get it right
Now gold and platinum plaques, man you know what we did
Have the whole world up on Silkk the Shocker and Master P hits
See it ain't No Limit, it's only the beginning
Watch us ball y'all want us to fall to the wall, huh gon' be a minute
And see I get the rhymes written with Beats By the Pound shit
It sounds sick, Rolex with baguettes all around it
Now take us out the ghetto and live up on top
Takin' flights and shoppin' sprees, hop on forty foot yachts
See money don't change me, make me live a lil' bit good
Took some of my family members and homies out the hood
See we ghetto millionaires far away when we meet
I think they watch us P, cover our mouth when we speak
See I'm  too deep to change, everybody know my name
I guess I gotta charge it to the game

[Chorus - Destiny's Child] + (Master P)

[Verse 2: Master P]
Ugh! Green money, I like to count hundreds
My only bad habit that I like to sell the bees honey
We hot, check the Billboard spot
Twenty-fourt G's, the piece to make the club rock
Bout it bout it, gotta get 'em rowdy
Peep game, got a Benz, Lex, Luger, and an Audi
Don't hate me, the money don't make me
It's gonna take two hundred million just to break me
Cuz I'm a soldier, I thought I told ya
I like that doja but hate the rollers
Cristal, green and Hennessey
Got three maids, a butler, and a Bentley
From the ghetto, ain't No Limit cuz we livin' large
Bought a Rolex, a yacht with a gold card
You done hate me, ya girl wanna date me
Give her three or four ughs and I'm straight G

[Chorus - Destiny's Child] + (Master P)

[Verse 3 - Silkk the Shocker]
I guess they call me a hustler cuz of the fast livin'
But if I see something I gotta get it because I have vision
And if I like it, gotta get it, if I saw it
Went from opening shows, opening doors
House full of floors that's marble
A brand new Ferrari, parked it when I bought it
See I'm a No Limit soldier I came to get it started
What ya, what ya think I'm all about my bank
Tryin' to be a multi-million before I'm old enough to drank
Now we can ride bro, no lie bro
See nobody be here besides us so go 'head and fire it up
Some girls like to twerk it, my homies like to work it
Soldiers from Texas all the way to Jersey
Tick to the tock, all around the clock
From the north to the south to the east to the west it just don't stop
So to all my real G's throw 'em up high
To all the ballers twist corks of Cristal, fly

[Chorus - Destiny's Child] + (Master P) {*repeat to fade with ad libs*}