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Artist: Silkk the Shocker f/ Mystikal
Album:  Charge It 2 Da Game
Song:   It Ain't My Fault
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Intro: [Silkk, Mystikal]

Chorus: [Silkk, Mystikal]

We can't stop now bitch!!!
We can't stop,
and you can't stop us,
so bitch don't try.
We TRU soldiers, we don't die,
we don't die, we don't die. (2X)

1st Verse: [Mystikal]

I'm bout my paper, my paper,
important people on my pager.
I might not drink Alize',
but I'll smoke you under the table.
Don't make me peel your potato,
don't make the devil your neighbor.
Five hundred words a minute make it hard to digest what I say
but five hundred #1 hits on the billboard chart gon' keep it that way
Hold on as tight as you can,
whatever you do, don't loosen your grip,
not only are they anticipating your every move
they're waiting for you to slip!!!
But like I told you before, 
we not gonna fall for the banana in thetailpipe
I'm not bout livin' in no six by six, 
wearing no motherfuckin jail stripes.
Been Bout It from the start nigga, we raw nigga,
you don't wanna, go to, war nigga.
We superstar niggas,
you know who we are niggas.
From poverty in the projects,
to livin' large niggas.
It take one hell of a combination, to get what we got,
we soldiers on a mission, and you can't stop us!!!


2nd Verse: [Silkk The Shocker]

Nigga wanna START SHIT,
that they know they can't finish.
By far niggas wanna go to war,
but they know when they ain't winning.
Fixin' to keep this bitch jumpin, like a muthafuckin', second line,
Been Bout It, and I'll be rowdy, and you gonna know it by my, second rhyme.
No Limit chain around my neck, so check, and respect the sign,
y'all wanna play, but I guarantee that you won't play, a second time.
Sometime I'm in camoflauge and sometime I'm in all black,
y'all wanna go to war with us, wit you knowin' we all strapped!!!
Fuck it, pop it, don't stop it, cuz I drop, by no means, look,
bitches dyin' like a dope fiend, while he have on a pair of old jeans.
Nigga what?  Pistols we all got, sometimes it's all glocks,
keep one in the chamber for danger and make sure they all cocked.
Went from a, small knot to a tall knot,
nigga please, I got all the G's for breakin' these Ki's down to all rocks.
Blow up the spot till it's all hot, surround the world together cuz y'all not,
nigga we ain't gon stop jus cuz y'all stop then it's our props.
If you wanna get it started, then let's started, but let's do it right,
but if you wanna get started, get started, let's do it TONIGHT!!!
Likely to get your head busted, lined in some chalk.

Chorus (2X)