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Artist: Shawty Lo f/ Gucci Mane, Stuntman
Album:  Units in the City
Song:   Got 'Em 4 the LO
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[Chorus 2x: Shawty Lo]
I still got 'em for the LO
I still got 'em for the LO
17-5, All you gotta do is hollow
I still got 'em for the LO

[Shawty Lo]
100 Units man, I sent the bitches back (back)
I'm prejudiced, but with nothing but some white girls
I know you like girls, yeah I got girls 
and they all young, 18 and under
Cold winters, Hot summers
I can't complain, the base did numbers
10 Summers, no fumbles
Birth niggaz, like mama
Do it big, one life to live
You see my charm, it's bigger than his
20 thou, a dime, each year
3 felony's, all I get is a year

[Gucci Mane]
Call my nigga Shawty Lo, he connected to the socket,
I'm middle mannin' and i'm making all the profit
Sixes on the skirts, man I'm already mounted it (damn)
Millon dollars worth of notes, I already did done counted it (yeah)
Fify slab shawty, turned to Gucci bag shawty
On the ave, 40 cal, still signin' autographs
Purple 'thrax, party packs, even got them powder sacks
70 on my Jacob and the whole hood proud of that
Young Doug E. fresh, I can sign my damn self
Got 8 orders to cook like a wafflehouse chef (wafflehouse chef)
"Gucci mane you rich, why you sell that boy that brick?"
That wasn't even it, it didn't come back shit
You got my number partner and you calling like a bitch 
Here's a message to your partner: Tell that boy to suck my dick
18-5, Gucci, Louis on my bitch
I got blazing saddle bitches did some powder off my dick (powder off my dick)
A million dollars give it up, no cowards in my click
Yeah and Gucci prints is on my bricks nigga

Stuntman bitch, 17-5, you know I got 'em
Buy 4 or more on my spot you can drop em
I ain't flexin, I'm a kingpin (kingpin)
New 500 Benz, the rims spin (haha)
D4L, that's the crew
I represent that shit, when I rock my jewels
I'm icey, so priceless,
100 bricks in that car without no license
I'm a thug nigga (thug nigga), slash drug dealer (drug dealer)
Fuck with ya boy, you know I keep a plug nigga

[Chorus 2x until fade]