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Artist: Shawnna f/ Bobby Valentino, Ludacris
Album:  Block Music
Song:   Take it Slow
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Play the song on the radio, gotta let my baby know
When I get it, I'ma take control
If it get to fast, I'ma take it slow (Take it slow)
If it get to fast, I'ma take it slow (Take it slow)
If it get to fast

Look I got the feeling you been fiening my body
I see us leaving the party, now tell me what you gonna do
Somebody told me you been thinking about me
And I been thinking it probably could be me on you
So come on shawty we could creep into the bed
Get into some more freaky shit
Then we could go back to the crib
Take a look at how I live, take a sip
Let me show you how deep it get
Now we could do it real fast, we could do it slow
I like it when he make it last, 'till he gotta go
He like the way I move that ass, then I make it poke out
Then smoked out the Jag, then we on the roll
And took a ride down Lake Shore Drive, Stay so high
Flipping through the city, nigga ain no dye
Stay so fly, I could take your guy
Cause they know I got the bomb, and I aint no lie

[Chorus] - 2X

Look I think I really need time to breathe
Because I know what we doing aint right
And he be on me every time I see him
Because he know me and dude aint tight
He wanna see me in the middle of the night
Wanna fuck in the middle of the fight
We break up to make up
But when we make love he suck, and he nibble, and he bite
But I know I gotta chill cause now I'm seeing that it's real
That my dude checking all the phone bills, Just still
I know you gotta girl who be all up off in your grill
She be checking through ya pages
Talking all at the crib
Should of known what the shit might do
Fucking with a nigga like cool
Go on in the Brans
Switching lanes in the midnight blue
So ya please gotta

[Chorus] - 2X

Ludacris don't play
When it come to the sex, if it get to fast
Imma take it...a little slower
Then speed it back up like Shaqille O'Neil
The back board, I'll break it
Take it, never fake it, shake it
Run around my house butt naked
If you throw it good enough
Then daddy might buy your ass a tennis bracelet
Cause I got so much doe
I don't know what to do with it
Plus I got so much dro
I roll it up and let you hit it
Lay back, way back, stay back
Like Puff take that, take that, take that
Young Bobby V. and Ludacris and Shawn
Will make you hit that playback
Like four times, I'll co-sign
You so fine, Let me hit one more time
Cause I got that goody good
And I think I shouldy should
Pack ya with the woody wood
I'm just so hoody hood

[Chorus] - 4X {fade out}