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Artist: Shaquille O'Neal f/ Mobb Deep
Album:  You Can't Stop The Reign
Song:   Legal Money
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from Orlando to Queensboro
the Infamous Mobb
get on your job kid
word up
check it out son

Superman emblem
met with the Mobb in Metropolis
we call assembely, at round table mappin' out the
strategy, my faculty is Warren Allen
know for four poundedly
hittin' up rappers til they can't be
highly exsplosive, this ain't your is rap exclusive
leave 'em hung, and Shaq, frontin' (shhhh) is a nusiance
thirty two, and somethin' for you and you
and him too
Superman'll hold the pill, rhyme Vanderbilt
leavin' niggas in stand still
rapper be Queens real
we hydro, from Orlando to Queensboro
sit back, watchin' ESPN on the eighty inch
the game's on, my thug's on too
me and Nate Dogg
the guard jet ski
Shaq ripped the river apart
you ain't been doin' this, so don't start

hey yo, I'm tryin' to get this money
there's nothin' like legal money
stackin' the cake makes rainy days sunny
one lump sum, blue chips and checks
so I can play
my way, all day, everyday

lyrical proufoundest like Mobb Deep
mission on earth
bust 'em speakers in jeeps
phrase of day, don't y'all sleep on Shaq
I reconstruct abstract facts and visuals
clocks speakers at Foot Locker for risiduals
I'm beyond understanding, mystical
of the world is super ???, physical
very lyrical (very lyrical)
my style is tounge slashing
as well as brain smashing
like in your (shhh) kid, without asking
critics be jealous, they absent minded of course
first MC ever to have mics and shoes in the Source
but of course, I ride that white horse
I'm unbeliavble like Biggie
I represent Newark, New Jersey
no diggety
puttin' this down for my fam in the future
into my center, pull out size duece duece boots
than I'll boot ya
age twenty four, y'all gon' see me in history books
omega sci-fi represent, throw up them hooks


the unbeliavble mystic, top notch
so cock the pist', forty first side be lifted
drama we wit' it, teflon
recommended, fully automatic, approved
get that vest ready
shook ones, throw on your running shoes
we runnin' crews
danger, without the warning
night without the morning
dawn to dusk, you'll get that mug rushed
cream is a must
so in myself I trust
trust nobody else
and make moves with delf
legalize is wise guys Queensbridge enterprise
take this money rock, to all my shorties, keep it tight
no doubt, we gon' start, me and my Infamous click
nine six to the year Two-G, handle your business
get dough
sip the Alaze everyday, all day
pop the bubbley
you ain't got nothin' for me
we shinin', still shinin', combinin'
working, diamond mindin'
kid you still searchin'
jealous and gellin'
care less, records is sellin'
platinumn plates, laid back
life is great
and good to us
pay checks, give me that head rush
that early mornin' thoughts is that I need more c
so it's on, yo what he say, I'd be right back
it's like that
and Diesel Shaq got my back


yeah, Mobb Deep
big Shaq on ya back
get ready for attack
'cause it's like that