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Artist: Scratch f/ Consequence, Kanye West
Album:  Loss 4 Wordz/Infamy Soundtrack
Song:   Ready to Go
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[Kanye West]
Yo Scratch she said, "Yo, I love this beat
But I know he ain't make them sounds with his mouth."
I said, "How you gonna doubt this man?
He got a Grammy for beat boxin' for Christ sake."
How you gonna doubt this man. You know what she said? She said...

Now I'm ready to go (go)
So let me grab my coat (coat)
And then we're out the door (door)
I ain't no hoe but I can get low

[Kanye West]
She said, oooh that's my favorite part
Oooh a Ferrari that's my favorite car
The-the-The Roc, them my favorite stars
And I love the way they blaze the charts
But how she gonna play your man?
Act like she ain't know who the hell I am
Or act like she ain't know the jets I land
In Ireland
I let her eye the rims cause she admire them
That goofy that you're running with
I can buy your man
I ain't trippin'
I don't lie to fans
Will soon see how them lames will do you
His name Raymond but he weaker than Raymond (Ramon) noodles
Now she's Grindin'
Throwin' it back like Nolan Ryan
Get it?
She said that ooooh
Really turns me on
So yoooooo 
Need to take me home

[Chorus] - x2

[Kanye West]
She said ooh this my favorite verse
I knew she kinda bright when she reached in her purse
I said, "Girl you know you freaky, obey your thirst"
It's one o'clock and I'm way past first
And though Jay is killin' girl like O.J.
That's why haters want to jack son (Jackson) for his Ice Cubes like O'Shea
They keep a lemon face like they sippin' on Ocean Spray
We toast and say, "We made it to the post Jay"
Send a couple models this way
With their disposable camera they wanna pose with K
Money got me smellin' sweater then Potpurri
Not gonna flow today
I need a whole parade
Fuck that I need a whole brigade
Of girls still rockin' Poetic Justice braids
Just to say, "You O.K. Player, but you no K
But I will give you my number if you know K

[Chorus] - x2

Eww, I'm still kinda stressed
I'm tryin' to climb in your dress
I see you recline in the rest
But my time is pressed 
If you tryin' to step
Come holla at your boy, yo I'm one of the next
She said, "You
Gonna have to wait around a minute
Cause my hair ain't done and my nails ain't finished
It's the things that you love
So I need five minutes"
But five turned into twenty
Twenty turned into forty
Give her five minutes and I'm out on shorty
"Why you leavin'
Tired of the lonely nights and the quiet evenings
Plus I've been horny the entire evening"
Uh, now you're talkin'
In front of the telly and now I'm parkin'
But now she got an attitude and now she barkin'
So ooooh
Now she walkin' uh