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Artist: ScHoolboy Q f/ DJ Dahi
Album:  CrasH Talk
Song:   Tales
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

[Intro: ScHoolboy Q]
Ha-ha ha ha ha-ha ha-ha, uhh
Ha-ha ha ha ha-ha ha-ha, uhh, uhh

[ScHoolboy Q]
Tell you all about it, from mopeds to dopeheads
Tell you all about it, pops livin' and still dead
Tell you all about it, rag blue but bleed red
Tell you all about it, TV done got us all
Tell you all about it, ha ha-ha ha-ha ha-ha ha-haaaa
Who that N-word in that candy glow? (glow)
Who that kid with no drive but at the park? (park)
You niggas tag it on walls, we spray the cars, uh
Nigga you that dude behind tape, surrounded art, uh
Drop the jet, I found my arch, uh
Before Instagram, we gram first the month
Before the gates on our block, we in the front (uhh, yeah)
Before I called you my friend, we shot the ones, uhh
Stress smoke in my blunt, I need the funds, uhh (yo) little (nigga)
I could've went D1 but like, I wasn't with it
My SATs and grades was high enough but I wasn't with it
I couldn't bring my dawgs with me so, I wasn't with it
With the biscuit off the counter, me and Floyd get to dumpin'
Not a drop of blood in us but can't say we ain't cousins
Was on the thizz all week, I think I'm finally recoverin'
And I'll tell you 'bout it... uhh

[Interlude: DJ Dahi] + (ScHoolboy Q)
(Yo, and I'll tell ya, tell ya, tell ya, tell ya)
My feelings, my demons
I'm livin', I'm dreamin' (and I'll tell you 'bout it, 'bout it, 'bout it, 'bout it)
I've found it, I've tried it
I felt it, my fire (uhh)

[ScHoolboy Q] + (DJ Dahi)
How many tears am I gon' shed 'fore I go? Uhh
The pigs been on us, my heart been skippin'
I lost religion, my nine ain't perfect
A star is born, sometimes I drive by needy
My baby mama paid the bills, I ain't have shit on the smoke
The homies tell me I'm a burden but never threw me a rope
They left me hangin' on the corner, my whole life is my stash
One more strike, I'm with the lifers, split the fifty in half
I watch a nigga lose his life right in front of his kids
We keep the cycle back and forth, the demons smother our gifts
They put percentages in front of us, wouldn't give us a chance
The only way that we'll see 30 'less we live in the can
Probably miss my mom funeral, my daughter a hoe
Because the man of the house ain't the man no more
And the bitch I call my girl, she done found my dope
I sent her in a deep depression 'til her post went ghost
And I just sit and watch from Hell as the pyro grow
So long stuck behind the fire, tryna clown my flow
I'll tell ya 'bout it, ya 'bout it, ya 'bout it, ya 'bout it