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Artist: Sadat X
Album:  Wild Cowboys
Song:   Wild Cowboys
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[Chorus: 2x]
Wild cowboy, it's the wild cowboys
Wild cowboy, it's the wild cowboys
Wild cowboy, it's the wild cowboys
Wild cowboy, it's the wild cowboys

[Sadat X]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
All of y'all out there might think that I'm strange
But the wild cowboy never lived on no range
The only prairie I seen was in the library
And the last Indian I seen was headin towards Cleveland
Y'all can believe in what y'all believe in
But stop the bullshittin and deceivin
When the O.K. Corral bell rings for the winter
I'ma flash back to '79 with Thelma drinkin wine
You could see that it was me even with that small screen
Al Green had a major string of hits
And I wanna be like him, in the fact, that each one was a gem
My man Mashburn is killin 'em down in Dallas
I seen him one day after this bullshit show called Alice
The wild cowboy is hard to resist
Make the play, get the assist, girlfriends hate genesis
Me and Diamond D +Dug+ deep In The Crates
Been rhymin for high rates, did wild show dates
My name is X yo my name is X, worth more weight than gold
Precious than your baby who's a year old
Step to war without your armor, results in trauma
Mad drama, I'm the mad bomber
Young girls stay away cuz I'm dangerous
I'm a grown man, don't force my hand
I'll judge off cuz I can (Cuz I can and I will..)


[Sadat X]
Hey I got a lot of family on both sides of the tracks
Some is livin positive while others is sellin crack
Two sides to livin yo step up and place your vote
Like a 'murder that she wrote,' hey that's my own qoute
Now should I clear myself for samples?
Or make cats examples of my cowboy status Boyd Roger?
You ever see Oliver Twist and his boostin man Dodger?
Takin wallets in the street, sign my name in the wet con-crete
A big X, so wide ya break ya fuckin legs
For me to be dead-ass, have bread and water in a tall glass,
is lunacy, madness, and I ain't on no badness
But in this point in time I can't take no backward steps (Uh-uh)
I like crisp, green, money, and a lot of it
In big bills, cuz money right here make this whole world spin
Say you went on a gin, cuz honey go home with strange men
Dance by the light of the silvery moon
Then wake up in the mornin with the hay in your eyes
Your purple with that herpes bump, who want the rump?
Some niggas joint got a lump from that late night hump
What does it take to be a cowboy? Hold on down boy
Cuz I don't got no contracts in my pockets
Kids run up our amp like they stuck they hands in sockets

[Chorus] 2x

[Sadat X]
I rule uptown to Nairu with an iron fist
Grand Master, national titlest
I string people out, plus I bring people out
So Heineken's across the board for all my men
Check it out, I'm verse for now but I'ma do this again
Remember the wild cowboy's in the heart's of all men
But then again some kids ain't never gonna win
And they'll be played in here


[Sadat X]
Yeah, Nubian style, so versatile
Win by a mile, sack a pen and pile
One nineteen and one twenty
8th Avenue, 7th Avenue
1st Avenue, 2nd Avenue
3rd Avenue all the way to Amsterdam
And Broadway, and even more
And Castle Hill, money fill the bill
And haha, ya don't stop
To my man Marcus Mark, ya don't stop
To my man Early Bird, ya don't stop...