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Artist: Sadat X
Album:  Wild Cowboys
Song:   Stages And Lights
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Yeah, yeah
Once again as we join Sadat X
On the great hunt for dough
Along with my man Show B-i-z
Representin D.I.T.C.
Wild Cowboys make a lotta noise

	Stages and cameras and lights don't affect me
	Same on the wax as the same on the street	(2x)

Now for the good things in life, Show, let's keep this crowd minglin
Been everywhere like twice, my latest trip been to England
Learned this whole scene from the Grand Puba
Peace to Lord Jamar and Nas Escobar
My people Crime Family, they finally got a chance
Long live Ralph [Name] and his crazy man Sam
My man [Name], can I get a suit from Mecca?
Brother [Name] from Karl Kani, can I get a shirt so I can be fly?
I'd also like a Walker Wear suit made from April
Hit me off in May when I'm heard on Ed and Dre, Scoop
Jackson on the late night, New Jersey week night
??? say it, my joint they better play it
Rhyme after rhyme after rhyme after rhyme
Line after line after line after line 
Somebody said did I know my man Kid Capri?
I grew up on him and my man Brucie Bee
The lone mic for hire like the viking
If shit ain't to my liking
I run and get the axe
It's not that I'm a racist, it's just I'm pro-blacks
You can't sleep in this here game 
Cause there's cheese and
There's a million MC's in public housin 
A nigga'll step on your back
Just to get a crack
Got to go reign, the whole thing is like a game
I ain't never been gold, but I got the platinum fame
Like this


My energetic show is just half of the picture
I take your suggestion, no question inflicted
Add to it, then get bad to it
The music man and I got what's hot
I be the pleasure principle
Reignin and restrain from buggin out
And luggin out the heavy arms
I'm to rap what Allen Iverson's to Georgetown
The truth sayer, never team player
I move, groove, groove and parlay
If I could bone every day, would I go that way?
Check it out
At first I'll take a little lead to lead the whole world
Jump and make the earth shake and expose the fake
This is no coincidence, this was bound to be
Tell the young history is bein made
Goin backwards I had a low one, a baldie, and a fade
Bein fresher neverthelesser makes me go all out
Cause I'm out in the street too much
Not to be too clutched
Showbiz is my man, no question, ace
Hit me off with the head-nod ???
My tunnel vision has my shit on collision
We're makin dough, makin investments
And stackin up the property
30 years from now the young boys is livin properly
As the foundin father
Of the style that niggas ain't even bother to find out
It will blow your mind out
Missioned in the circles of royalty
Wild Cowboys I owe my whole loyalty
At the scene of the crime, the new essence of the rhyme
Comes out like a dime piece, braided and shredded
Wack rappers get mean shouts from my team
The riches, the bitches and all the fan fanfare
But I stay aware just like the black bear
'96 is my year