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Artist: Sadat X f/ CL Smooth
Album:  Brand New Bein'
Song:   Nuthin'
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[CL Smooth]
Yeah, CL Smooth, DJ JS-One
Sadat X, there's nuthin' anyone can say
Here we go
Yes, yes, uh, uh

I bring a lean with it, toss a little green with it
Heavy on my team with it, buss up on the scene with it
There's nuthin' you can say, we be sipping rose
You can quote the whole game but son I did it my way
So clean and proper, that black Sinatra
Another showstopper, we let it loose mama
In the club with it, circle all the love with it
We be on the dance-floor, what you think we here for?
I'm so excellent, you're looking at the president
You young'ns tried to dumb it out but I was more intelligent
And so Hip Hop, and so mainstream
We talking new cream, you on the wrong team
We do it all day, castle to the hallway
I came from the bottom up, there's nuthin' you can say

[Chorus X3: Samples]
"Nuthin' anyone can say"
"Don't nobody say, say nuthin'"

[Sadat X]
Yeah that's right, Sadat X
CL and JS

There's nuthin' you can say about X
Sadat X the great, the godfather
See I'm up on Broadway with the O'Jays chilling
I might not had a top billing, but I'm straight
I'm cool for travel, the passport is a pass cause
there's nuthin' anyone can say
You want to go to gunplay, I don't think you want that
We keep the burners but we don't flaunt that
For eight months I was laid up in the New York jail
Only contact by the phone or the mail
They didn't give a nigga bail but I handled it
Came home, ate dinner with my baby, it was candle lit
No parole, Sadat stay ready to roll
JS, hit these niggas with that soul
I'm never too old, I won't stop till I pop
Can't we get past this radio slop?

[Chorus X4]