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Artist: Sadat X f/ Brand Nubian
Album:  Brand New Bein'
Song:   Brand New Bein'
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[Lord Jamar]
Lord Jamar, Sadat X
Grand Puba, Brand Nubian
Check it, yo

Lord J, rap's Broadway Joe
I'm like Namath cause I'm famous for the way that I flow
See you're an anus and you're heinous, I just think you should know
that in the plainest, you're the lamest and I think you should go
straight to hell, New Rochelle, that's where I'm from
You got money for a show then here I come
You wanna front on the low then hear my gun
I'll have you trapped in a closet with nowhere to run
Huh, yeah, my flow is impeccable
Yours don't make sense like homosexuals
You do a show, I'ma throw more vegetables
Youse a bitch, you need to grow some testicles
Your whole style is unacceptable
None of your albums will ever be collectable
Least you could do is try to keep it respectable
This is yoga rap, my flow is so flexible

[Chorus: DJ JS-1 scratches]
"Ghetto music rap, we doing it" - Lord Jamar
"Brand Nubian" - Sadat X
"I flirt with the idea of quitting the game
 Nah, I'ma evolve, continue to change" - Xzibit
"Ghetto music rap, we doing it"
"Brand Nubian"
"Ghetto music rap, we doing it"
"Brand Nubian"

[Grand Puba]
Yeah, yo, 'Datty X, Grand Puba, Lord J

See when I drop my thesis
I keep a hundred niggas straight down the line like permanent creases
That paper increases, hot whips on leases
Sort of mine like nephews and nieces
I give it to you straight black, I ain't never been a hate cat
I'm more concerned with filling up my plate Jack
Shit I'm starving, keep them bullshit snacks
I need my bank account obese when I'm moving in that Maybach
A fool can learn from his own mistakes
But the wise man learn from others
That's why when I give it to you homie, gotta keep it real talk
so you ain't stuck with three baby's mothers
I be that Mister Magnificent, oh so significant
NY, so fly, viewing it from the bird's eye
Grand Puba, the mammies are magnetic
Bullshit niggas and bitches is getting deaded, uh


[Sadat X]
Grand Puba, Lord Jamar, 'Dat X the Wild Cowboy

Wake up in the morning with the yearning for 'erbs
Go to war with my dudes, it's like we fighting the Serbs
And I ain't got to prove it to y'all
The Jews and the A-rabs, that's a real brawl
Don't let them slugs gas up your ear
You was never in the jail, you never walked down the tier
Me? I'd rather be surrounded by broads
Even though I know half of them is really straight frauds
Damn, it's great to be here with my brothers
Blowing things in the air, ain't near no baby mothers
I am still the Wild Cowboy, ask yourself who got more style boy
I warn you, I'll go baseline on you
Hit you with the eighth and you keep that faith
The Brand Nubian combo, Grand Puba ensemble
Still type hungry, let's eat this food
I could jump in this stew, there's no known cure