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Artist: Sadat X f/ KRS-One, Rahzel
Album:  Brand New Bein'
Song:   Blow Up Da Spot
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[KRS-One] (Sadat X)
Yeah, KRS in the building now
(Sadat X) JS-One, I had to be here man
I had to be here man, Sadat X
(I'm honored to be here with the Teacher)
I'm on one knee right now
KRS in the building!

Look, retire? Not yet! Out my fire? Not yet!
Your skills higher? Not yet!
You wanna be called kings and 'siahs
but you sing for hire, you free? Not yet!
Face the truth, but not yet!
You blazed the booth but you still ain't hot yet!
Not yet! KRS rhymes next, I'm complex
I came too far to drop bars for Sadat X
BX is on the block yes, this the top set
Some of them others are not yet!
But they act like they got the top rep
Claiming king, but y'all ain't put a thing back into Hip Hop yet
Got checks? We got pockets
Got TECs? We got rockets
You got clubs, we got sockets
You got beats, we got topics
Come in Sadat X!

[Sadat X]
Sadat X and the teacher, it's a creature, a beast of burden
Energy exerting is few, cause rule is
the fool is shot with his own gun
I'm up with the sun in the earliest
It's no more about the burners
You've seen The First 48, murder is rap now
So is smoking crack now, it's a new hustle, new gaffle
You can win a raffle and be a rapper
She's just telling the truth and you get mad and want to slap her
I'm not a banger, never heard me with a real R&B singer
I never had that, but I'm not mad at them tunes
I've been through bitter cold Decembers and brilliant Junes
Black man hold your seed up to the moon like roots
and let 'em digest these fruits, it's good to live on

[Chorus: Notorious B.I.G. scratches by Rahzel]
"I blow up the spot"
"I blow up the spot"
"I blow up the spot with my man Sadat"

Yo, open up your eyes now
Everyone talking bout crime now
It's like we going back in time now
I'm ready to shine now, get mine now
But the more I climb now, I find now
cats don't want you to rise now
They want to hold you back
by replacing the facts with the lies now
But watch the skills I apply now
I'm gonna be +BIG+ but I ain't +Ready to Die+ now
Why mothers gotta cry now?
Cause some dumb ass kid now is believing in the lie now
What's the lie now? The lie is you ain't gotta try
cause everybody out getting high now
Why now? Cause you might see Chinese bombers
flying across American skies now
Man, I'm telling you to rise now
Don't worry about your size now, it's time to get wise now


[Sadat X]
Now I'ma show you charm and keep you away from harm
and then I'ma throw you something on the arm
I'ma show you pull, show you how to keep your calendar full
with show dates in Europe and the States
Eastern District, one-sixty-first, where the new Yankee stadium
use has built over the park, it only take a spark
to light the bomb, then I'm off to four Auburn or I'm
passing the Millbrook projects
The Nine Life Crew, one-five-two
Park Avenue, Grand Pu' to {?}
I'm a problem on all joints, I need all points I touch
Had Rahzel do the Biggie chorus, we loved him that much
See Miss Jacob stayed on the hutch
She can't wait till I stop, she pop myself with the clutch
Sometimes she real tender to touch
I stray, but she don't really hold no grudge