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Artist: Run-D.M.C.
Album:  A Very Special Christmas #2
Song:   Christmas Is
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Ho ho ho'n, when you think on Christmas it be snowin
And people get their equal, hit the full one, one for growin
Ya knowin, we're flowin in the ghetto, they get nothing
No toys for little boys, no curls for girls and turkey stuffing
They laugh, they know that half the presents ain't thick
You might just wanna ask, "Yo, where my presents, Saint Nick?"
So think, a little 'bout the people minus money
And when you get your dough, why don't you show some kindness, honey?
Go 'head, get fed, and spread a little love
Give what you can afford just like The Lord from up above
A quote, a note, and one you won't believe
It's better to give than to receive
("YO~!") It's Christmas, no dissin, listen all you listeners
Think of all the prisoners that's in prison during Christmas
Not tryin to bring you down, but tryin to put you up on 
landed it on the table so you're able to put your cup on
No snow, not a flurry, so hurry don't you miss it
Not dissin you, but whishin you a very merry Christmas

Give up the dough! Give up the dough!
Give up the dough on Christmas, YO!
Give up the dough! Give up the dough!
Give up the dough! - HERE WE GO! HERE WE GO!

I'm from the ghetto, now this mean I get 
no toys or presents beneath my tree
I wrote my list, I made my wish
Is this what Christmas means to me?
No snowflakes droppin, can't go shoppin
Rhymes I'm a-poppin, to keep the hip-hhoppin
Why can't a Santa +Pause+ for the cause?
I'm gettin mine, you gettin yours
That's how Christmas is supposed to be
A very merry Christmas for everybodyy
Fight poverty, give to the needy
Don't be like The Grinch cause The Grinch, is greedy
Deck, the malls with bows of holly
'Tis the season to be jolly
No presents for my tree yet
And I don't even know if any gifts I'm gonna get
Happy holidays not like a lotta days
A few here, a few there, a new year
Season greetings are the reasons for the cheer
If Santa Claus, is coming to town
Hope it's my chimney he's coming down
On Christmas, because Christmas is
On Christmas, because Christmas is



Ha-have a, very merry merry, and hurry
And if you'll need a leader, Run'll be there for your flurry
blurry sight, and write, a rhyme for the night
Christmas is the time for giving not for the type
So open, your pockets, your heart, unlock it
Dollars train from Hollis, I give it like I clock it
Cold as the weather, minus the humidity
Don't mistake, harmonies and kindness for timidity
Christmas, this must, be the time of year
Leggo of your Eggo, rather ego, me go there
and here, my dear, so give a kid a beer
Cause every time you give, it's coming back, let's get it clear
I'll be scopin, and hopin, brothers lend a ear
So have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


[Outro: kid]
Yeah, that's right! Give up the dough!
I want my Ninja Turtles! I want my bike!
I want my Sega Genesis! I want my Nintendo!
And turn my mommy lights back on! (Word up)