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Artist: Run-D.M.C.
Album:  King of Rock (Deluxe Edition)
Song:   Slow and Low (Demo)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[23 seconds of instrumental to start]

Let it flow, let yourself go
Slow and low, that is the tempo

Let it flow, let yourself go
Slow and low, that is the tempo

(It's never) old school, all brand new
So everybody catch, the boogaloo flu
It's not like a fever, not like a cold
The beats are clear, the rhymes are bold
So don't see a doctor, or see a nurse
Just listen to the music cause first things first

First of all, get off the wall
It's time to party, so have a ball
We slow it down, so get on up
Like a volcano, I'll erupt
I've got determination, bass and highs
I see real well cause I have four eyes
What you see (is what you get)


I do not sing, but I'll make a song
You'll love your whole life, and I hope you live long
On the Gong Show, I won't get gonged
It's Run-D.M.C., not Cheech & Chong

Strong as an ox, threat out the box
The crowd so loud, they comin in flocks
And when we come on, the crowd goes off
It's all hard rock there's nothing soft (so)


We won't only rock the house, but we'll house the rock
We won't stroll but we'll roll straight to the top
We're Run-D.M.C., and Jay makes three

[Run] The baddest b-boys in his-to-ry

When I record it, you'll be rewarded
You know my song is great cause y'all all applaud it
Not P-C-P, or L-S-D

[Run] Just D.M.C. in the place to be

There's nothing free, you must pay a fee
Cash on delivery like a C.O.D.

[Chorus] - 2X (second time Run alone)

[Run] A liggy liggy liggy liggy liggy

[Chorus] - D.M.C. alone

[Run] Let, let, let, let