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Artist:  Almighty RSO f/ Mobb Deep
Album:   Doomsday:Forever RSO
Song:    The War's ON

the war is on
tired of waitin' let's get it on

the time has come to bring it like I never brought it
I'm being forced, to wreck ya fuckin' word
and knock you off course
rollin' with the Mobb Infamous Deep
leave you on ya porch in a mess when we creep
(put you to sleep)
come with the ruckus if you feel like gettin' bust
36 in my c-lip, talons are a must, yo
Mr. Benzino aka Ray the troublemaker
niggaz bitch taker
on the block money raker
evil lurks in the minds of so many men
that's why i'm stickin' with my niggaz to the end

Ayo, Dog


Dem niggas wanna get live

Yo, show 'em how you represent 9-uno-5

I hold down the fort, and transport slugs to ya body
on the squeeze i'm never tardy
you shook sons need to "shut up now"
before I pop the trunk and get the "whut up now", nigga
I spent shells and i'ma spend some more
get my boogie on, and leave shells on the floor
(from a Sig-Sauer)
we're never nuttin' to follow
although you'll get my point, even though my points are hollow
watch ya back for the Mobb Deep and RSO assembly
it's like henna rock and Remy
and if you get envy, it'll get trendy
to shoot a mufucka even when he act friendly
the war is on
I'm tired of waitin',let's get it on
now or later, right now
the war is on


check it out ,son
the war is on muthafucka
combine the elements, Mobb Deep RSO crime shit
niggas is left blindfolded, reminded
how real shit can get live at time at
USA, New York City if you wanna be exact
a soldier story from Queens if you look closer on the map
battalions taught me how to bust my gat
mentally fuck the god,and left me to take my earth back
time for revolutionary acts
Yo, Hav you shift the tracks, i'll find the facts
now we got illuminati all on our backs
check and see if we do crimes or pay tax
the war is on, no time to lax
build an arsenal, got word back fom apostle
unoriginal man got plans colossal
undelay, nigga get ya shit straight
fuck a pearly white gate, all that bullshit is fake
the only gates i'll see if they send nigga upstate
never that, I'm here to show the world where my head's at
forever fed, til the Aryans on they death bed
a rebel, I wear the universal flag symbol
the positive and negative war will soon kindle
buckin' at the government like Terminator 2

Tony Rhome:

I'm fixin' across the street , then I sees my enemy
this jealous muthafucka who pretends to be a friend of me
said he's got static with my whole team
I mean, he's lookin' like he's reachin'
I broke into the streets and
shots licked off, as I dipped off pissed off
runnin' up the block 'til I heard no more shots
now, what the fuck is gonna come of this?
on the strength he missed
he's going first on my list
call up E so we can map out the plan
one hour later i'm gettin' herbed up in the van
plan is, drive around the block and catch him sleepin'
the war is on kid and it won't last 'til the weekend
I'ma check around until I catch 'em
out there pumpin' on the block without his weapon
it's only fair I get revenge, because revenge is so sweet
when you live the lifestyle of the street



word up, word up son
check it out son
hit em with the body blow
no doubt, light the la
New York, Boston
yo, cross the tri-state
the five gates, word up
Queensbridge, the Infamous RSO
yo, yo, yo, the war is on