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Artist: Royce Da 5'9" f/ Trick Trick
Album:  The Album
Song:   We Deep
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[Intro: Trick Trick]
Nephew, these lil' faggot pussy-ass bitch-ass niggaz
think they wanna do somethin with us~?
What they wanna do with the D?

[Chorus: Royce Da 5'9"]
All you gotta do is say my name
I make the gun sing (sing) like (ooooh)
You don't want it, I'll have you niggaz bleedin
Layin down hurtin on the corner like (owwww)
Close yo' mouth, before yo' mouth (ooooooooh)
Gets you into somethin with them Detroit niggaz

[Royce Da 5'9"]
C'mon with that, the throne's intact
We the reason niggaz gotta buy they own shit back
Thirty niggaz spit black in this bitch strapped
Foul-mouth niggaz get a clip, full of tic-tacs (woooo!)
Mr. Porter's sick track, Trick Trick back
This that, riff-raff, tell your bitch lick that
Alcoholic ass clique, this a big frat
Cross the line when we steppin it's gon' be click-clack {*blam*}
Niggaz fakin, they throwin them hissy fits
They make us start but they ain't makin out like ya boy and his kissy bitch
'Til they get taken out like your boy do his prissy bitch
My high price laywer's still hood like a Dickie fit
My words like a fo'-fo' on page
Hold on, you gon' collapse like JoJo on stage
If you, ever fuck around with me I'll lift you
It's however you want it long as I ain't gotta ride wit'chu!


[Trick Trick]
Okay, Trick...
The godfather and the king of the D
Leavin these niggaz slept butt-ass naked like they was sleepin with me
You lil' bad mouth faggot-ass lil' boys
I was bustin seven-six-two's, when you was playin with toys
{"Transformers!"} Hahaha - G.I. Joe
Motherfucker you like playin games, well see I don't
I like, givin the order for distributin the satchel
Denyin allegations that I was the one that got you
FUCK 'EM! Kill 'em all and let the Lord sort 'em out
Duct tape, covered with lines and board up the house
Go on nigga run yo' mouth, and go out of place
But hide yo' momma, brothers and sisters cause nobody's safe
I paid mine a long time ago, you ain't seen dues
I got a family that'll knock these bitches out of they shoes
So listen to a professional, we'll get the best of you
And run a gas truck through the center of yo' position, nigga!


[Royce Da 5'9"]
Show me some respect, or get your shit checked
You act dry then you probably gon' get your shit wet
I ain't tryin to be Big, give me a big check
Then spit tecs, split up the team like DipSet

[Trick Trick]
Okay, see these niggaz rollin deep in a truck
Got the world sayin Detroit niggaz skeetchy as fuck!
Takin niggaz shit for nothin, but if you say somethin
Fully automatic double clips I'll be dumpin

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Dumpin, boy we hot, look at the dough we got
Broke, no we not; he spoke then you know he's shot
Slug him with forty shots, the proof is my porty pot
My crew startin shit like your boy 40 Glocc

[Trick Trick]
You niggaz worry about me you better worry about sweets
Goon Squad, M.I.C., controllin the streets
Fuck with niggaz that take bread for heads, cocaine slangers
Fuck you lil' sissy-ass MySpace gangbangers (hohh!)


[Outro: Royce]
Geah, Goon Squad Crip ass
Motherfuckin M.I.C. gang ass
Street Lord Mafia ass niggaz
Y'all niggaz come here you better call somebody
Trick, me, Juan
Call one of the bosses