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Artist: Royce Da 5'9" f/ Adonis, Nottz
Album:  Success Is Certain
Song:   On the Boulevard
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[Chorus: Nottz]
I've been trying so hard, to erase these scars
Of living this life, on the boulevard
Ohhh-ohhhh, on the boulevard
Yeah yeah yeah yeahhh

Yeah, every mornin, Kenny wake up 'bout 5 AM
And jog 'bout seven miles befo' class start
Had dreams of bein the next superstar
Like that boy who sang both (like that boy who sang both)
Kenny's ambition was crazy
In his heart he was determined to get it so he stuck to it
Six days out the week, Kenny hit the track
with his goals set high, he ain't turnin back
Lost one too many friends over guns and crack
Kenny put it in his mind there's somethin better than that
His daddy called him Flypaper the way he stuck to the track
His momma said "It's yo' time baby, you can't turn back" (turn back)
And through all of the blood, sweat and the tears
Kenny promised the fam for 40 years
to come, got to get it, he shall prosper
Jumpin hurdles of life 'til the next one pop up


[Royce Da 5'9"]
Every mornin, Kenny wake up at 9 AM
Hit the traphouse and stay there 'til it's 5 AM
Uh, I call that trappin pages
He always holdin his dick, always bustin off but I don't call that masturbation
He all about heart
And you will never hear "Oh my God, they killed Kenny," bitch this ain't South Park
This the dirty Mitten, scurvy conditions, workers is stealin
Stealers is workin, you only as real as 
the nigga you murdered, bullets fly 'til your chest leak
Treat you like you a crown-less chess piece
Middle finger never up, that's a substituted waste
Why would he do that when he can just, tell you niggaz "Fuck you" to your face?
To fill up y'all with fully's boulvard bully
They pull your card with no regard for the laws wearin a hoodie
Police on his trail, he toss the bird
Roll his window down like, can I help you officer-RRRRRRT!

I've been hustlin, for so long, ay
And these streets just won't leave me alone, hey
It's a battle that I gotta win
I can't give in, no
I can't give in, no ohhhh


[Outro: unknown female]
Both are destined for greatness
Yet they both struggle with, the nonsense
It's evidence they were meant to be more
But they can't seem to find the final score
Cause the game they play, was rigged from the beginning
And in the end, I sit on the sidelines and cry
Both Kennys, stuck in a parallel universe, will lose they lives