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Artist: Royce Da 5'9"
Album:  Inside a Change Soundtrack
Song:   The Best Thing Yet
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[Royce Da 5'9" - Intro to Verse 1ne]
One, two..
One, two...
This one's for you..

I love him more than I love me, trust me
Love at first sight, is there a such thing? There must be
This is how it goes huh? My lil' man growin up
Faster than I'm blowin up, don't wanna hit the road now
Can't even tell him no now
Every line from here on in is for him, put somethin on the flo' now
Rapping ain't accept me 'til the night I met Slim
He was born the same night, tell me that he ain't special
My grandmama died the same night 
Same hospital that he was conceived in, God has His reasons
You can probably imagine mournin a death
and rejoicin a life at the same time - but you prol'ly haven't!
Fate has a way that it turns
Had a death, in the family, had a baby, couldn't turn, that away
He knows that his daddy sellin (sellin), records
When he grew, old enough to understand me
You KNOW I had to tell him

[Chorus: sample from Anita Baker's "You're the Best Thing Yet"] (Royce)
You're the best thing yet (This is for you!)
to ever come in to my liiiiiii-iiiiife, oooh...
You're the best thing yet
to ever come in to my liiiiiii-iiiiife, oooh...
You're the..

[Verse 2wo]
For him, I could get so selfish
It's strange how love can make you contradict yo'self
How could I tell him not to steal and, I would steal for him
Tell him killin is wrong and I would kill for him
I told him I would never take myself away from him
I would fight for him, at the same time, I'd do life for him
Jump in front of a slug for him, this is unconditional love
and I wouldn't wish none of the above on him (above on him)
..I best be, on my best behavior
Mistakes made by me don't only affect me
Affects him too, check what I been through
They say your money's only as long as your next pencil
When you livin the rap life
And you givin your fans, verbally what you would get for a crack pipe
This is the main reason I write
Royce Daniel, the single most important thing in my life