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Artist: Royce Da 5'9"
Album:  Layers
Song:   Startercoat
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"Mister, Porter"

[Intro: Royce]
Ryan Daniel Montgomery, 5'9"
July 5th, 1977
Detroit, Michigan
Porter you a real nigga man
{"And you know this!"}

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Uhh, it all started with a Starter coat
The starter pistol got us out the momma jokes
The house party finally started, now it's time to go
Get some pussy sponsored by the barber and a bar of soap
I'm stealin cars, wasn't logical
But on the brighter side they taught us how to drive 'em doe
We used to tilt them bitches with screwdrivers so
I'm kinda used to bein at the bottom of your columns, hoe
But the Billboard list was kinda comical
How the fuck was it designed and chronicled? I can see it now for sho'
Bunch of blases from a buncha artists with a timeless flow
Gettin trampled over on a 20 year-old blogger flow
If 'Pac ain't on your list then you ain't fuckin logical
I'm talkin up the shit, not no fuckin 5 or 4
What you gon' tell me when I tell you 'Pac
introduced me to the fuckin UNLV Starter coat?
Uh, it all started with a Starter coat
Wonderin why Brenda threw that baby in the garbage fo'
On my way to cop my navy blue Starter coat
Uh, it all started with a Starter coat
The starter pistol kept niggaz out here from startin smoke
Without it I'd be dead or be an artichoke
The 9-iron armor in the heart of gold (what's that for?)
Nobody wit'chu nigga that's the Art of War (let's go to war)
Do not forget you fuckin start it doe (that's my momma)
Whoa (what kinda coat is that?) Starter coat {*echoes*}

[Interlude: Royce]
I grew up with three brothers
As soon as I was born my lung collapsed
And I had to be hooked up to a ventilator

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Now a nigga shinin though
Growin up I gave a lotta niggaz shiners though
I gave a lot of people my respect
Daddy taught me that one growin up, he threw me through a shower do'
I used to wonder why my uncle lookin startled fo'
Crawlin around all on the ground like his heart is broke
I found out he got a crack problem and he thought he dropped a couple particles
Well I'm a fuckin alcoholic so
Who am I to judge? I'm just honorable
I be temporarily in love when I'm inside a hoe
I'm a pure artist
I don't need to see the charts to know the art is under our control
Highs, lows, problems, pain, drama, that's what optimal
Guess I'm just the best at thankin God and feelin awesome though
Cause I survived the era of the Starter coat
Uh, it all started with the Starter coat
I lost my virginity aboard the fuckin Boblo boat
Whoa, I ain't graduate on time, I ain't go to college so
Couple friends of mine did; other friends of mine dead
I'm fuckin reminded
Just because I made the most money, that don't mean I went the farthest doe
Whoa, I hope my college friends reminded
You got degrees, that don't mean you the smartest doe
Mo' money, mo' problems, I lost plenty mo' marbles on my marble flo'
than I left in my Starter coat
What they taught us, that was all a joke
You may not got a lot of dollars, least you got a post
I'm arguin with Satan screamin, "I don't barter souls!"
Please don't take my memories of me in my Starter coat {*echoes*}

What kind of coat is that? Starter coat!
What kind of coat is that? Starter coat!
What kind of coat is that? Starter coat!
What kind of coat is that? Starter coat!

"You know, if you're seeing these Starter jackets you need to pick them up."