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Artist: Royce Da 5'9" f/ K. Young
Album:  Layers
Song:   Misses
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[Intro: misses]
I know you see me calling him
(Yo what's up, you reached 3-1-3-7-8-9-0-5-0-9)
Be nice bitch, be nice
(I ain't around, leave a message) {*beep*}
Hey baby, I know you're busy
I just wanna see how you were and see what you're doing
I know you're in the studio, I'm about to go out with my girls
But, if you need me to do anything, call me, OK?
I love you, muah muah muah!

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Me and my baby started out like two peas in a pod
Me and my baby, nothin can come between she and I
That's my lil' misses, lil' fly lil' chick, lil' thick lil' thighs
Everything I'm into, she aight with it and she don't trip, she don't mind
I'ma slide right in, get in her mind - cause she's a keeper
Anytime she's with me, nah she ain't gotta lift a finger
she ain't gotta spend a dime
She around me all the time, cause she's so cool, even my friends don't mind
That's my lil' misses, always so calm, always so kind

[K. Young]
Lil' misses on my mind, misses on my mind
I look forward to her call, I enjoy when you talkin
Lil' misses on my mind

[Royce Da 5'9"]
She never waste my time when she on my line, she stay on my mind
Oh my God when she blow me she blow me good, it blow my mind
I'm on tour right now, now she textin me, sayin "I was out doin ecstasy
Molly and coke with four of my girls and I think I gotta throw up and go and lie down"
I look at my phone like wow, I think about all the Patrón I downed
Maybe that's your business, no judgement here baby, that's your lifestyle
She said, "I'm so glad you not mad," I said "Nor am I down
But I gotta hit the stage right now, but please be careful hangin with the all-night crowd"

[K. Young]
My lil' misses on my mind, misses on my mind
Hangin out poppin pills, now she's sniffin and she's real
Called me trippin on my line

[Interlude: misses]
{*phone rings*}
(You reached 3-1-3-7-8-9-0-5-0-9)
(I ain't around, leave a message) {*beep*}
Baby, call me, I'm high, haha

[Royce Da 5'9"]
I came back from tour, she done got skinny with acne, she got her hair dyed blond
and it's up in a bun, her ass is flat and it's gone
I asked what the fuck was happenin, she reached up and tried to slap me (no, ahhh!)
I slipped and she missed it and then ran in the bathroom and slammed the door
I was like "Hell, are you aight?!"
All I heard through the screamin was somethin about me followin chicks on Snapchat
And her havin pics of me and her in the sack last, and she 'bout to go sell it to a site
She even told me she already sent an e-mail to my wife
Damn, my lil' misses blackmailin me and shit, I guess she fell for the hype

[K. Young]
My lil' misses on my mind, misses on my mind
You completely switched into another bitch
So now I got a psycho mistress on my line

[Royce Da 5'9"]
For some reason I believed the bitch
Best thing I could do is tell my wife before my wifey see the shit
Maybe I can loosen her up by takin her on a vacation or skiing trip
Maybe I can lean in for a kiss and plead the fifth
Damn, shit was all good just a week ago, until we hit a fever pitch
Now I gotta go in my phone and delete the bitch
Then I get a text sayin "I'm pregnant and I'm keepin it
I'ma get my child support and I plan on payin my lease with it
You ain't never gotta worry about hearin from me again..."

{*dial tone, phone dials and rings*}

[Interlude: misses]
(Ay what up, this Royce) Tch, ugh
(I'm away from my phone for at least two weeks) What the fuck?
(I'm on a family trip with the wife and kids, please leave a message) {*beep*}
You didn't tell me about no family trip
Fuck that bitch, fuck yo' family
Ryan, I need you to CALL ME!

[Outro: unknown woman singing]
It was all good, just, a week, ago, yeah
I understood, and, I played, my role, yeah
It was all good, just, a week, ago, yeah
I understood, and now, I am, alone, yeah
Ahhhh, ah-ah-ah-ah-ahhhhh
CALL ME! {*busy signal*}
What would Lincoln's bitch ass do, at a time like this?
(Shit, I'ma answer my damn phone)