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Artist: Royce Da 5'9"
Album:  Build and Destroy
Song:   War
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This, means, WAR!
Wanna bring it to, bring it to me? (uhh)
Wanna bring it to me, we in the D (uhh)
You, we got you
Spot him before he spots you
WAR!  Wanna bring it to, bring it to me (uhh)
Wanna bring it to me, we in the D (uhh)
You, we got you
Spot him before he spots youuuu!

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Yo, yo, I roll with the wildest crew in the game
Niggaz that'll put two in your frame
with any one of the guns we carry to cock
Aim, only to use on one of you bums, too scary to box
Gimme mines and mines only, you know
Nigga you only a hole which shows in the tone of your flow
The iller the team the iller the regime
Peelin from the scene in trucks, we gettin cream or what?
Robbery's the word over extortion
Force niggaz to fork over a fortune
Takin you cats into a world you probably ain't never even been before
Before we can even talk
There's money to be made, niggaz wanna get paid
I ain't playin wit y'all niggaz, I'm serious
Try to top the flow or stop the dough
You could get shot fo' sho', your whole block could go
I'm takin the pistol to make it official
Hollow heads make him an issue, makin 'em hit you
Feel the force of a real nigga in this
My niggaz'll tear the club up


[Royce Da 5'9"]
Yo, yo, yo - we attack the last nigga that blast
Take him for cash; if he broke, we kickin his ass
Simple as that, either the fifth or the mac
cripple the cat, you too if you think you could rap
Who fuckin with me?  Gimme one name
One nigga with versatility like this
Ability like this, it's like this
With me, my flow, you never know what you might get
Prime suspect, and I ain't hit you with half of the rhyme just yet
Niggaz wonderin why I be callin myself the King
Shh, I'm the King
Who you ever seen that's doin it like me?
What new nigga done came that'll spit shit
that'll sit in your brain, yeah I'm doin my thing
A lotta you niggaz'll probably be intimidated by it
When my shit gets played, niggaz riot
Shit gets sprayed; but you can't change that
I was doin that in sixth grade
You can take it to the streets with us
All out war, fuck it, everybody heat could bust


[Royce Da 5'9"]
Yo, yo, my attitude done changed since I became a king
I'm a stranger being, rearrangin things
Now that I can afford a Range and rings
I sit and think, I remember when it became a dream
Now I'm livin in it, takin the game
to where it's never even been visited, what's my name?
Royce 5'9" (who?) hottest nigga in rap
How I'm figurin that?  I'm iller than y'all
Plus all my niggaz be more realer than y'all
More crooks and way more killers than y'all
Hot with it with goals, tryin to die with over two hundred songs
Ready to go like 'Pac did it
Niggaz is out for the cheese
There can only be one King, it's either me or about to be me
We bringin heat with us
Ready to shoot, y'all niggaz better recruit, you ain't deep enough

[Chorus]  2X w/ minor variations